Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I want it all.....

.... and I want it now... Yes - member of the instant gratification generation :) Actually, what I want is not the material stuff really - it's the mushy stuff that most X-gen or Net-gen don't think about. I married well the first time (6-figure salary even without my piddly teacher salary added in) and no amount of "material" made him or me or us happy. Money is nice, but it's not everything....
No, what I want is more personal. I want the family. I want someone in my life who shares some of my interests and that I can sit with on the backporch on a Sunday morning eating breakfast and reading the paper. I think I want a family (besides the dog and the cat). I want time to take more vacations. I want more time to spend with my family and friends that I miss. I want to not be a hermit!!!! Feeling very hermit like today - having a busy week.
So, will I ever get it all? Who knows!?!?! I would like to know, or at least glimpse into the future, to see if I'm going to get it. But, there are not crystal balls and I'm not going to waste my time (what little I have) on that nonsense anyways. Did I mention that I do want a pool? It's not for me - it's for the dog.... so yes, moving to a bigger place eventually and having a pool and large backyard for the beast would be fantastic. But, if I stay where I am for the next 10 years, I'll be okay with that too. It is mine, and it feels good :)
So, am I nuts? For wanting it all - I don't think so - for my impatience, yes, I'm probably a little crazy. Or maybe just really, really impatient and I don't think that qualifies me as crazy. So, give it to me baby!!! lol - just kidding - I prefer to do it on my own :-D


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