Thursday, June 30, 2005

Alive ... sort of....

Yeah, I've not been able to blog for a bit. This will be short since it's late, I've been teaching all day and I still need to get up at 5 AM to work - :-P
I'm in PA teaching incredibly bright kids biology - and loving it :) Except we haven't had a day off in 8 days really - it's a little tiring, especially after the 8 hour drive last Tuesday, and then 12 hours the next - ugh.
However, I am in the heart of Amish country - so we are headed to the farmer's market on Saturday morning. I will have to blog about all the fun people (old friends and new ones) when I have more time.
Things that I need to blog about later and I will - I promise - just so I can keep the memories fresh:
-Mork the chem TA womanizer
-2 Washington apple martinis at Damon's
- Milk & cookies to be - too tired this week to partake :(
-The razing I am getting for not going out and partying every night
-Strawberry wheat
-Adirondack chairs on the green
-Stripping (glucose)
-Amy, my TA - who ROCKS!
-The spider living in my A/C unit
-The trip to Wal - mart - where the h*** is the DQ again?? singing...
-C thinks he has found "the one"
-OMG I need a pedicure and a massage
- No hot water - but hot food
-Why is my door open and why is there a man in my bed?? - doh!

More to come.....


At 11:29 PM, June 30, 2005, Blogger noelle feather said...

interested to hear of the man in your bed! :)

At 10:20 PM, July 01, 2005, Blogger Jenny G said...

Came over from feather123's blog. Ahhh, Lancaster. Small world--it's only about 20 minutes away from me in York :-)

At 5:11 PM, July 08, 2005, Blogger noelle feather said...

Are you near the hurricane? are you doing ok?

At 9:30 PM, July 08, 2005, Blogger seaslover said...

Feather - I'm still in PA. BUT, I'm calling the world in FL to board up my house and unplug everything in the event that we get hit - again..... j

At 10:16 PM, July 08, 2005, Blogger noelle feather said...

Oh that's right! You're not even there! What about your puppy and your kitty? I hope they will be ok without you and not too scared!

At 12:07 PM, July 11, 2005, Blogger DragonStormInAZ said...

Glad to hear you are back in existence. I would offer that massage you were needing but something tells me Mork has that taken care of... Hee Hee...


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