Wednesday, February 24, 2010

He is amazing

Each time we are together - when we are apart I think of him too - he's is just the most perfect man for me! I've asked my friend A some personal questions about him - b/c he says one thing, but does another that is not in context with what he is saying. She has never seen him be affectionate with a woman he's dating in social situatons - he is with me. He's never spoken about his mom to her (she's known him for 10 years and was close to him when his mom passed) - he has spoken to me about her. I can see it in his eyes. We are so comfortable together! Last night, we laid on the couch together (he was leaning into me so I could rub his neck and shoulders/arms - he did a lot of work yesterday with lifting) and watched hockey - so nice. We are going to a game in 3 weeks - "long term" plans are good. I've stayed over several times - I'm so comfortable there - I love his house. There is so much potential to help him move past the sadness I know he feels. If it rains this weekend - we're going to probably end up painting the closet - again, something to change in the house so it is less his parents' house and more his. I have never been so happy.


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