Saturday, August 01, 2009

Men are completely exasperating....

I don't understand guys - at all. And what's irritating is they say that WE are complex. Yeah - whatever....
I think I'm more irritated that I lost a bet - a ridiculous bet for a ridiculous amount of money, it was more for bragging rights - that this guy I met up with was NOT going to call. It's not that I didn't want him to NOT call - I do want to see him again. However, I could NOT read him all night. Plus - most guys have a "3 day rule" about calling/contacting - apparently his is 5. And he sent me a bloody EMAIL - he's GOT my number! ARGH! I COULD have been out tonight if I had gotten the email sooner - hell, I could have gone out Friday night.
So - waiting for a response now from him - VIA EMAIL (I'm too proud to call...) to see if he wants to get together Sunday or not.
I really think I'm not his "physical" type - and I'm almost 99% sure his friends told him to go out with me again. I made a good impression on them - and they seemed to like me. I really, really couldn't tell if he did or not. Signals were VERY mixed....
So - this sux. If you're a guy and reading this - quit with all the "rules" - be clear. I promise, as a woman, I will be as well.


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