Sunday, September 06, 2009

Bridezilla - OMG!

Okay - so I was surfing for background noise to work to (I do this often and MUST have something on in the background while I'm doing work - it's weird....) and watched a re-run (even tho new to me) of Bridezillas on WE. OMG!!! These women are just HORRIBLE!! Further, I think WE is killing the rest of us women that are normal and would not become psycho-hose-beasts when planning a wedding.
I can't figure this out. I'm pretty normal (a few flaws that are not earth-shattering I'm sure.... okay -maybe more than a few - but who doesn't??) and I have absolutely horrible luck dating or getting/staying in a "serious" relationship. Then, you have women like this who are treating, presumably, the "love of their life" with absolute contempt, belittle them, force them to decide between them or their own mothers/family - and yet these women are getting married. And they are not all ugly or out of shape - one was pretty hot by today's standards (thin, nice facial features - she smokes and drinks, but otherwise takes good care of herself) - the others are just crazy. I absolutely don't get this.....


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