Sunday, April 03, 2005

Random thoughts on a beautiful Sunday morning

I've had the greatest start to my day :) It's absolutely beautiful outside - breezy, no clouds, brillant blue sky, and temp is around 66 or so. I took a long walk with Jedi this morning and saw a ton of birds, and heard more than I saw. I treated myself to pancakes (homemade buttermilk) which I NEVER do (I usually go visit my dad twice a year and he makes them for me :) yes, youngest, only girl and spoiled rotten!), and everything just seems peachy keen this AM.

The concrete guy is now working on my patio in the back - my dog is frustrated b/c he can't go outside and help dig. I will hopefully have a new porch by the end of next week at the latest, then I can get the fence put in - JUST in time for hurricane season :) Wow, I can even smile about that this morning - but really that was a sarcastic smiley - but I don't know that they've created one for that yet.....

I also think, if all goes well today (I hope!!) I will be taking a new job for the next year today. It was offered to me last week, but I needed some time to think and compose some questions which are more logistical than anything else. The good news - I can work from home :) and finish one of my master's degrees by Fall, and the other by next Summer. WOOHOO!!!!!! That's IF they hire me. If not, then I will only finish one degree by next summer and I may never even finish the other one - they always offer the courses I need during the day- hmmmm.... I have to work full time, I can't afford to sit in class 3 days a week at 9 AM - duh! But, we'll see what happens.

On the downside of today, I have to be inside most of the day doing homework for class - ugh! But, I have all the windows open to air out the house and cool it down, and if it stays cool, I will probably walk Jedi again later today, or at least take him out to the field and play frisbee with him.

Last random thought - I am ready for another cruise!! Or, at the very least, another vacation where I can sit on a beach and bake in the sun for several hours..... although, once my fence goes in, I will be able to do JUST THAT!!!!!!

I lied - last random thought just in..... I hate daylight savings time. That was the only bad start to my morning. I got up early - or so I thought - to walk, came home and found out it was an hour later than I thought it was. If I had remembered that last night, I would have adjusted my schedule. Oh well, it doesn't hurt today, but getting up early tomorrow for work is going to SUCK. But hey, that's tomorrow... I think I'm just going to enjoy today :)


At 6:22 PM, April 05, 2005, Blogger DragonStormInAZ said...

Did someone say another cruise? :)
You and me both need another one of those.
Now I just the vacation time. I am only back to four days so far and need two days for certication and five days for family reunion so the next earliest one for me still looks like the late Nov. Singles one and I am hesitant to book so far ahead just in case I do something silly and oh... say become un-single. Then again, according to Mr. Murphy, this would seem to be the best way to become un-single should I chose to do so....
Meaning I will wait to book it. :)


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