Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Memorial Day!

I'm not the most patriotic person in the country - even when Sept. 11th happened - I watched it on TV with my students, astounded, but didn't really feel much. Probably had to do with the fact that I was on Zoloft (anti-depressent) at the time due to my impending divorce. So, that whole time period, as much as it affected the entire nation, didn't have much effect on me personally. However, my brother is in the army - and has been for the past 18.5 years. He has about 15 months until he retires with 20 years and full benefits. That part always scares me. He's 82nd airborne - usually the first in and the last out - at least for the first gulf war that was the case. So, for all the veterans out there, past - present - future, I may not be very patriotic, but I'm glad that they are there to protect us. What's sad is that we still need protection from psychotic terrorist idiots who don't give a rat's ass about themselves because they will be rewarded for dying for Allah - what a load of shit. I've never read the Koran, but I can't imagine it saying "Sacrifice yourself and you will be rewarded" - I don't think any God (and I recognize that everyone worships differently - no, I'm not a heathen) would tell there followers to kill themselves - then they would have no followers and would no longer exist. Wow, I am quite philosophical this morning aren't I?? But, it is still sad that we are involved in a war overseas for many people who don't want us there. Both in this country and in their own country. My dad is a veteran too - Navy. My other brother wanted to go into the Navy, and then found out (for the first time in his life) that he was colorblind at 23. Imagine that - he never knew. It's a little difficult to be a Navy pilot when you cannot distinguish blue from green - hmmmm.... sorry bro!

At any rate, I know many of the troops who should be celebrating today are not - they are actually working. I don't know if my brother is or not. At the moment, he's stationed in the States, and they currently have no plans to send him anywhere. I hope.

As for me today, no BBQs, no beach. I have to get some stuff done around the house. I recently got my hammock from Pottery Barn and I need to put that together. It's HUGE. It could easily hold two people - oh, wait, I live alone ;) So it will only be used by me. My friends thought I was nuts to spend so much on this. But, my dad, ironically, did not. I called when I saw it was on sale, hoping he would talk me out of it. My dad knows that I hate to spend money. This is a holdover from my marriage (a blog for another time). So, he says "Go for it! You deserve it! Life isn't about all work and saving money that you spend a little at a time - buy it!". So, literally FIVE MINUTES LATER, I have purchased a hammock that is on it's way to me from California. I don't think I've ever spent almost $400 so fast in my life. But, it's pretty cool looking. The hammock part isn't expensive, it's the stand. It's made out of teak wood, so it should hold up pretty well for a long time as long as I keep it oiled. Which dad reminded me about that on the phone. I love my dad. That is also a blog for another time.

So, I think I will go put that together with my dog outside. Then, come in and finish homework and cleaning of my house once it gets hot outside. Oh, I should probably mention that I am "handicap" when it comes to assembling things. I actually asked my dad (begged was more like it) to drive down and do it for me. Keep in mind - to save $20 from Home Depot, I bought a wheelbarrow that I put together myself. I thought "Why should I pay them $20? It has instructions." TWO HOURS and a whole lot of cussing later, it was put together. I called my dad a couple of times during the two hours and cussed a little and asked if there was an easier way to do it, plus the directions sucked a** and one whole step was missing. My dad was laughing hysterically, so I stopped calling him at the point. So, off I go to put together a very expensive hammock stand that I am praying I don't screw up! Hmmmm.....I might check in a few hours later if the experience was a bad one. Or, I will be in jail for disrupting the peace in my neighborhood with the cussing I may be doing. Well, I can always claim Turret's syndrome.....


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