Saturday, May 28, 2005

A very lazy day

I've had an incredibly lazy day. Here's how I spent it:
I went for a walk this morning with Jedi. I couldn't go very far - I twisted my knee Thursday somehow and it was giving me serious issues this AM about 1 mile in - so we only did 2 - we normally do 4 on the weekends.
Then, my friend R called and she needed some stuff from Home Depot that wouldn't fit into her car. So, I helped her out with that for about 2 hours. That was the "busiest" part of my day - moving bags of rock and mulch around - loading and unloading the car basically.
I came home - got lunch, then proceeded to continue reading a book on the back porch. Another friend called and we chatted a bit, then his winery opened so he abandoned me in favor of a glass of wine at 10 in the morning (he's in California at the moment) ....sniff..... So, I came back inside off my porch since it was heating up - and read some more.
Around 2 PM, I took a nap. Yes, I typed that correctly - I took a nap. Felt incredible - slept for about an hour and didn't want to get up. Then, realized how smelly I was from my AM exertions - took a shower. I guess I will actually have to do something tonight and change the sheets off the bed.
I went over to the chocolate shop where one of my former students works, after my shower. We chatted for about 45 minutes, then I went to the grocery store to get viddles. Came home, got the essential stuff put away, made dinner, watched a little bit of a movie, then decided it was cool enough that Jedi and I could go outside and enjoy the sunset for a bit - and I read some more. I have one chapter left that I am saving for right before I go to bed tonight to relax me. I read almost the entire book in a single day - Anne McCaffrey's "Dragonseye" - not unusual for me to do something like that - especially since I am officially in "summer" mode. This is when I catch up on my reading.
Speaking of reading - I am going to Pennsylvania soon, and I will be close enough to take day trips on weekends into Philadelphia and Washington D.C. I've not been to either one in over 10 years, so I need to pick up some good guides on them if anyone out there thinks that are worthwhile. Yes, I know I can find everything I could probably need to know off the web, but, I like to read - outside, on my porch - and not be tied to my computer all the time. So, suggestions on good guidebooks that anyone has used in the past? I especially want to find a metro station outside of D.C. where I can park my car (safely) and ride the metro in to D.C. - that really is the most convenient way to get around the city and it's not too expensive. I definitely want to visit some of the national monuments, the National Archives, and a couple of the museums - especially the Art museum - it was closed when I went just a couple of years ago with a friend - but we only had 2 hours so I don't count that as a "visit". I really want to go back to Chinatown for lunch at a Dim Sum place - so recommendations here would also be welcome.
As for Philly - I want to see the major sites and stay out of the bad sections of town - I know they exist up there. I'll probably have to grab a road map once I get to PA. So much to do - so little time.....sigh......


At 9:21 PM, May 28, 2005, Blogger noelle feather said...

do you do all this traveling by yourself?


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