Sunday, May 08, 2005

Heaven is sometimes spelled M - A - S - S - A - G - E

There needs to be a warning sign posted at the spa I go to for massages:
"Warning: Driving may be hazardous after massage therapy. Also, you will be useless for the rest of the day"
Yes - that was me yesterday. I don't really remember driving home, and when I got home, I ate lunch, took the dog out and collapsed in my bed and slept for a solid 2 hours - I was that relaxed. Next time, I need to remember to NOT book a morning appointment! lol My therapist is wonderful. She does lots of deep tissue and pressure point work on me - especially my lower back, which is always screwed up and where most of my tension/stress accumulates. I did the whole body - 80 min - again this time. I usually only get 2 a year - right as school is ending, and right before we start. Sometimes I do one mid year if I can swing it. If you've never had a professional massage, I highly recommend them. I also found out that she does a 25 min neck/back/shoulders only massage and it's only $35 - I am sssssssoooooooo going to start doing those more often - especially since I will be working at my computer more often in the coming year. I think it might actually be better to get shorter massages more often, then getting the longer one only a couple of times per year. My only other option for relaxation is to take another cruise :) I know I will be, but I don't think I can do it until March next year due to heavy grad school schedule - ugh. I am hoping I can do one over my spring break next year - that would be ideal! Then, I can get a massage again before I go to make sure that I am totally relaxed for my vacation! lol


At 2:55 PM, May 08, 2005, Blogger Rob said...

J-E-A-L-O-U-S. Hmm… If I had a few extra dollars that sounds like a great idea.


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