Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Historic visit - yeah, right!

I had an actual visit from an actual state senator - Senator Chip Rogers - District 21. He was canvassing the neighborhood (I've ALWAYS wanted to use that word - "canvassing") with flyers - up for re-election obviously.

Here's what pissed me off....He introduced himself and I responded "Yes, I know who you are. I met you at the town hall meeting we had back in February." Now, rather than saying "Thanks for coming out." or "I'm glad we've already met." or "Did you have any other questions about the meeting?" He replied, "I'm running for re-election. Here's some information (handing me his pamphlet) and my home number is on there if you have any questions."

I think it's safe to say that if you are THAT arrogant that you think you don't need to spend an extra 10 seconds with someone who says they have met you before and do not even acknowledge them, then you must think you are a shoe-in for re-election and don't need to spend time talking to your constituents. He obviously cares more about getting elected then finding out anything about the people he represents.

Well - there went my vote - to someone else. And hey, Chip, guess what? I AM A TEACHER. Based on the legislation you have sponsored in the Senate this past year designed to take money OUT of public education, you're not real popular with us right now. To top it off, I've already emailed the Ga Association of Educators, and talked with the PAGE rep at my school as well as about 10 other teachers - the word is spreading. You don't care about people - you just want to be re-elected and apparently feel as though you are a sure thing. Well, we'll see. I might only be one vote, but email works wonders for letting others know how you really treat people.


At 10:13 PM, September 11, 2008, Blogger TheVoice said...

Damn straight. Politicians have got to wake up and realize that they work for us and we decide if they are in office or not.


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