Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not my best...

...entrance OR first impression...sigh..... I think last night was a bust. I went with a gf from work to a get together for a close friend of hers, who is my age and single (yes, it was somewhat of a set-up) and in the Army - he's home for a couple of weeks from his training.

Well, I HAD all the alcohol and various accoutrements in a large paper bag in the car. Keep in mind - it is freaking freezing outside, and I am wearing 2 in heels and sinking into the very soft, wet lawn. I went to pull the bag out of the car and yes, it completely ripped. So, the large bottle of pineapple rum actually did break. The mojito mixer and smaller bottle of key lime rum (which was in another, smaller bag) did not - one crisis averted. However, everything else (limes, packages of cheese and mint) are completely covered in rum. So, I pick up the broken glass and place in the demolished paper bag - grab the mixer - my gf grabs the rest of the stuff AND a case of Corona and we head to the house. So, I walk in to a strange house, have NO CLUE who any one is or WHERE anything is located and I freeze. Why? Because I'm worried about dripping rum on the wood flooring - see, I'm not a COMPLETELY in appropriate guest. I was trying to do the right thing!

So, another girl comes to help me. I still don't know where my gf went to, simply because I was paying absolutely no attention when I walked in as I caught sight of J. He's much cuter in person than his pics ....grin.... I should also pause here and mention that I have a serious weakness for military guys in general. Damn my old summer job boss in Florida! I think it's his fault - blog entry for another time. But there is something about a guy in uniform ...wow.... I don't even mind the buzz cut as he DOES have hair normally. Okay - back to the main issue at hand - disaster or did I actually - somehow - salvage the evening....

So, that was my not-so-grand entrance. I SSSSOOOOO pictured that going differently in my mind. Then, I decided it was time for a drink. That went much better ...grin....It did NOT go so good this AM when I was seriously sleep deprived and went to the gym for a spin class w/another gf.

I have no idea what this guy thinks of me. We talked some, but I also recognized that he had just arrived in town and only seen his family and then all of his friends at this get together to catch up with them - and he's just meeting me. He did shake hands when we left, and then pulled me in for a hug. He kept my hand and continued to squeeze it a couple of times while he said something along the lines of yes, he would see me again as he and A are best friends and hang alot. SO, major strike 1. However, I did have some fun with the double entendres throughout the evening - especially the breath-a-lyzer that D had at the house. I told A they needed to put a little sticker on the outside of it that says "Blow Me" - of course that was fun :) The last one I did (just to make sure I was able to drive home - I knew I was just tired, but better safe than sorry) - they said something to the effect of "you blew legally" my response: "that's because I don't charge" - yeah, it was a good night :)


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