Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Virus people suck

Okay, so Monday I open an email from an online student with a zip file - nothing unusual since sometimes their files are too large and they send them via email. I went into auto pilot mode and opened it - didn't read the email. And, lo and behold - I get a worm - the newest worm out there apparently.
The people that sit around and dream this shit up are a bunch of assholes. I don't care if they are computer geniuses - they suck. I did absolutely NOTHING to bother them or make their lives miserable, but they seem intent on doing this to others for no apparent reason. This particular worm attacks my antivirus software - which went away. It took me 2 hours and 21 minutes on the phone with symantec to get it somewhat fixed - I still have to uninstall and reinstall one more time and haven't had a chance to do that yet this week.
I'll say it again - and I hope one of you reads this - you people suck. Go do something productive with your lives instead of sitting in front of your computer dreaming up these damn things to piss people off - do you realize it just perpetuates how much money these big companies make? If you weren't making the virus, symantec, mcafee and microsoft would not be making the big bucks. You people suck - have I said that enough times yet? Plus - symantec apparently only hires people from India - since everyone I spoke to had an accent that I could barely decipher on the phone. You people suck - and I loosely include symantec in that statement. It took me 20 minutes just to make them understand what my exact problem was - and I had to explain it to three different people b/c no one knew how to fix this damn thing. You people suck. You are a bunch of losers who will never know what kind of personal satisfaction it brings to actually help someone instead of trying to hurt nameless people that you do not know. I work part-time online - I must have a functioning computer for my job. You people suck. You were obviously not brought up with any kind of morals, values, principles or manners.
And to end this: what goes around comes around. One day, you will regret your actions only b/c they will backfire on you, and then you will understand that it's not about personal gratification or proving that you are the best at something - what matters is something that is deeper and more gratifying than satisfying your personal needs. Someday, you will understand what that is, and it will be too late and you will see how your actions now will turn around and bite you in the ass in the future, and then it will be too late for you.


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