Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hearing aids and I think I'm an idiot......... :-P

Okay, this will be a two part post - first part is on hearing aids (read on for a good laugh) that I've had in my head since this morning. Second part will be something that (dc and dragon - opinions please!) I did this afternoon that was perhaps a little bit stupid - or a lot bit embarassing/desperate depending on how you view it.

Hearing aids - I'm investing in stock soon. Bell-tone, Nu-tone - whatever these companies are, if they have stock, I'm going to invest. Here's why: I work with teenagers. As one was walking in the door to my room this morning, with his headphones plugged into his MP3 players (and these headphones are the kind that sit in the ear, not over it) I could hear his music as clearly as I can hear my stereo now one room away - it was THAT LOUD. So, I figure that if he (and all others of his generation) continue to listen to this acid rock that is incredibly damaging to the hearing, and continues to use earphones in his ear, that by the time he is 25-30 (10-15 years) he, and a whole bunch more of this generation, are going to require hearing aids just to function on a daily basis. So, I think that this would be the smartest investment I could make. Does that tell you how I feel about teenagers and what they listen to and how they listen to it? I should thank them really - I'm going to make a fortune off of them! lol

Okay - now for the idiot part. So, last August, pre-three-hurricanes, I was talking to this guy at my school. No, he doesn't work for the school - he is doing construction and he is the head construction guru. So, we seemed to be hitting it off on the few times we would talk. I was encouraged - especially when he would alter his route when he saw me in the main plaza to come talk to me for a few minutes. So, after much debate and conversations w/girlfriends, I asked him out (which I have NEVER asked a guy out before!) - for a cup of coffee - nothing serious. He said "Sure" and I wasn't really expecting that to come out of his mouth. Long story short - he said he would come by my classroom and we could figure it out. So, it's now May and we haven't gotten coffee. Well, guess who I run into today after school? Cute construction guru. I'm walking out to my car and he is parked there too. He did talk to me first, which I took as a good sign. I mentioned that we never had a chance to get that cup of coffee and he said he had been busy and the second foreman was moved, so he was doing the whole job by himself. We chatted a few minutes, then I gave him my email. Idiot me should have put my phone number on there as well, but that's a done deal now. So, is this a case of "at first you don't succeed, try, try again" or was this me being incredibly stupid/embarassing and/or desperate? I really like talking to him, I can tell there is intelligence there and he's way cute. I know he's a lot older than I am, but he doesn't really look it. I found out that he was married, is now divorced and has kids, but I don't know how old. I don't think they live with him - which means a weekend dad kind of thing and I'm sure that keeps him busy too. So, what do you all think? Idiot? Desperate? He was being honest about work and he is still interested? I'm not looking for marriage here - just testing the waters to see what's out there. Did I mention he's really cute? Strawberry-blond hair and brillant blue eyes. I don't normally go for blonds - and he is more red than blond, but WOW - his eyes just draw me in every time we talk. Oh well, I'm betting that I won't hear from him at all. Just a wild guess. He's done with the job in 5 weeks, I'm out of school in a little under 4, and I will probably never see him again. So, all just a pipe dream......sigh.......


At 4:54 PM, May 05, 2005, Blogger Rob said...

It doesn’t sound desperate at all! Maybe email is good, less chance of phone tag (my new least favorite game). And, if he doesn’t email, he doesn’t. At least now you will know. Taking bets? I’d bet he will email you eventually.

At 9:40 AM, May 06, 2005, Blogger Sascha said...

I really can't say whether you'll hear from him or not chickie. I tend to be the pessimist in situations like this.

I usually hand them my info, let them know I'm interested and then leave the next move up to them. Or I ask them out myself.

I like the idea of email. It's a low key form of contact. Also, if he's lost it, he knows where to find you. If you really want to make sure he knows you're interested, make sure you end up in his vicinity at least once more soon so that you can run into him. Don't stalk him, just give him the opportunity to approach you.

It's not just guys who are like this, it's all of us. If someone we meet at first seems too interested or too intense, it tends to be a turn off. So be nonchalant. It's cool that you want to drag him down and rip his clothes off, but try not to actually say it. Flirting a bit might be good though.

I find that big smiles are useful for that!

At 11:14 AM, May 06, 2005, Blogger DragonStormInAZ said...

Me shall thinks about this a bit. I will give you a ring on this tonight after all, I am lucky enough to have BOTH your email and phone. I would say I would trade you love advice for scuba advice, but I think I would get the better end of the deal there. :)


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