Sunday, September 14, 2008

A taste of fall

We got our first taste of fall today. It was very pleasant :) I got *most* of the fence pressure-washed - just the back section (both sides) to go. I've never been so dirty since I was a kid - it was WONDERFUL!!! Don't you just miss those days - you can just go out, play in the yard/mud/woods and get totally filthy and you just don't care? After the fence, I decided (since it was so beautiful out - breezy, sunny with a few puffy clouds) to stay outside and get the back area cleaned up. I mowed yesterday, but the back area has been infested with weeds and errant grass - so it was time to pull em out. I raked some of the leaves and junk - although all the trees really haven't finished dropping them yet, so I'll have to do it again soon, but that's okay.
Jedi liked being out with me. He almost got a bath - I just didn't have the strength left in me by the time I got done. I'll shoot for Tuesday - since I have to finish the pressure-washing then so I can get the fence sealed next weekend.
We are off for fall break - I LOVE this schedule here :) It's absolutely fabulous!

On a personal note - I need to find someone to kiss on. I miss kissing. It just hit me yesterday for some reason. I'm okay without much else, but to kiss someone who REALLY knows what they're doing is just divine. I know - guys don't really get into that as much as girls do. There's just something about it. Running the hands through the hair, your heart beating a little faster - there's just something intimate about it that just cannot be replaced or replicated ...sigh.... so not in the cards right now :(


At 1:38 PM, September 17, 2008, Blogger TheVoice said...

Fall is coming here in Ohio too. The leaves are begining to change on the silver maple trees in my yard. Its cool enough in the morning to wear a jacket when you go out. I love this time of year. I can't wait until holloween gets here.


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