Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Singles night at Publix - ugh

Okay, so - Publix is the local grocery store in Florida. I ran out of milk this AM for breakfast (and I can NOT eat breakfast without milk, it's just not a possibility), so I had to go to the store. Apparently, I missed the flyer that Publix sent out saying that Wednesday afternoon was the "middle - to - old age singles night". Yep, not kidding. So, that now goes on my calendar as the day NOT to go to Publix. Why? It's a little depressing seeing these 45+ year olds tottering (not lying) up and down every single frigging aisle (even the pet aisle, but they don't have a pet) just to have something to do on a Wednesday afternoon/early evening. I got depressed, or as my friend R said, I had a "singles panic attack". Yes, don't really get it. Of why I'm still single.

Perfect example of why I don't get it - and I'm not jealous of any of my friends, but I just don't get the way the world or fate or whatever the hell you want to call it works.....

I'm fairly successful - I can support myself financially and not be a burden on anyone. I own my own place (not a renter throwing money out the window), I'm reasonably attractive - no facial scars or a third eye or anything, decent shape (not perfect, but who is??), enjoy lots of activities, well-read and I'm going back to school to further my education and eventually get a better job. Then, there's a friend of mine that I knew for several years who got married a couple of years ago and is expecting twins. She's really not that attractive, she was/is very overweight and not very active, she never went to college, could barely support herself and has an incredbily acerbic personality - I saw her run clients off (she owned a small business for a couple of years before she closed it down when she got married). Her husband is wonderful. I've met him - sweet, kind, considerate, etc. So, how does someone like her get married and I can't make a relationship work? Just. don't. get it.

Here's the thing that keeps crossing my mind - men, especially older men, don't want a 30-something year old. They want something younger, prettier, more energetic (or so they think) woman. So, as I get older, my chances become slimmer of actually finding someone that I would want to marry, or more importantly that wants to get married to a 30 something woman. So, feeling very single tonight. It doesn't help that work is overwhelming at the moment, it is pouring down rain, and I'm home alone. Can't even walk the dog right now with the stupid rain - I would go b/c I really need to escape the house, but even tho my dog is a Lab and supposedly loves water, he hates to walk in the rain. And I have an incredible headache that just won't go away.

So, is there an answer to the dilemma. Um, nope. Except don't go to Publix on Wednesday afternoons/evenings.


At 11:38 PM, August 10, 2005, Blogger noelle feather said...

I feel your pain, sister. I really and truly do.

At 11:52 AM, August 12, 2005, Blogger Syla said...

The worst part is Kroger at 1 am. *sigh*


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