Sunday, July 24, 2005

Jedi + frisbee = accident

Okay, I promise I'm not trying to kill my dog - remember my 50 things post - I love him a lot!

Idiot me throws the frisbee in the backyard - a high throw. Jedi jumps for it (of course) but too close to the fence. He yelps, lands, then picks up the damn frisbee and limps it over. Not lying - he wouldn't put weight on it at all. Got him inside and checked him - he keeps licking one part of his leg. I've manipulated it and felt all along the bone and he doesn't wimper. He's putting a little weight on it tonight, but I'm still concerned. This is one of those times I wish he could talk!!!!!!! I'm giving it until tomorrow afternoon (24 hours) - if he's still limping he's getting x-rays again. ....sigh.... one more trip to the vet - not that he really minds. Me - oh, I'm just groovy about this tonight. As if I needed one more challenge today or even this frigging week. I was almost in tears earlier - my dog never, never, ever yelps unless he is in severe pain. Maybe 4 times the entire time I've owned him have I heard him whimper or yelp in pain and it tears out my heart every time. He's so stoic - even the vet said that about him. It's hard to tell when he's sick or injured - I love him - he's such a trooper. I realize that this is my fault, and my dad already berated me on the phone for it - not watching what I was doing. But, he normally stops when he's that close, but it's still my fault. This sucks.


At 4:24 PM, August 01, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie - that's so sad. I'm sorry to hear about that - I hope Jedi is better??!! He is a sweetie - even though he makes me sneeze and wheeze! LOL


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