Friday, November 25, 2005

Woman with a drill - watch out!

So, I had to charge my drill today :) I used it extensively to install some stuff.

Having a drill is very empowering. It gives you the feeling of control - as if you can do anything. If I had known using a drill was so much fun, I would have done it a long time ago!

So, what did I use it for?? I installed hardware on my cabinets in the kitchen - it looks really good - there is one set of doors where they are off by a hair from being even, but only I will ever know :) I did run into one small snag. The drawers in the kitchen are double thick. The screws are not quite long enough to go through and removing the piece from inside is also not an option. So, another trip to Home Depot (yes, it's rough ....sigh.....) to get longer screws of the same size so I can use the same drill bit and also, more importantly, so they will actually fit the handles. The handles come with screws, but just not quite long enough. My first drill bit that I am using for the pilot hole is not long enough to go all the way through, so I may look to see if they have a longer one of those too. The regular bit that I need if fine.

My brother, who is a carpenter, is the one who gave me the idea. I don't know why I didn't think of it - we had them on all of our cabinets growing up. He was standing in my kitchen one day counting silently. So, I asked my sister-in-law what he was doing. She said he was counting to see how many pulls I would need on my cabinets. So, I asked him how hard it was and if it was something I could do, and he explained it to me. It's not rocket science. My dad gave me a good suggestion though - practicing on an old piece of plywood. That's when I found out that my drill bit my brother told me to use was not big enough and the screw wouldn't go through. So, a trip to Home Depot today - yes, I was very upset (NOT!). I swear I need to buy stock in them - I'm there almost every weekend.

On another note (I guess this is home improvement weekend :), I went to the nursery this AM and got my winter flowers (violas and pansies). I prefer violas, but they only had yellow. So, I broke down and got the pansies. I'm still short by about 3 plants - so ....sigh.... another trip to the nursery tomorrow. I love working in my yard. Especially this time of year when it's cooler and you can go out for 4-5 hours and not be dead. I also remulched some areas, put a border around one of my hisbicus in the back, mulched it (I have 3 more back there that need to be done - but the back was not cooperating today), raked up old mulch so I could plant more next to my tree (it's a little bare and depressing), remulched my gardenias and azaleas and laid more rock down by the patio. Yesterday was almost as fun - trimmed all the hedges, pulled all the weeds in the back bed and in the front where my new pansies and violas (oh, and dianthus) are now residing, mowed and figured out what I needed to work with today to get more done. Have I mentioned that I love working in my yard? It's been so neglected these past few months. In part due to school, but mostly due to C's shit in the garage blocking all of my yard tools. That's why I took my time to rearrange the garage - so I could get to the A/C unit and to my tools so I could FINALLY work in the yard. Tomorrow I need to spray the entire yard for weeds and finish up the bed in the front with the shrubs and roses so the front really looks good. I may do some more on Sunday. I will also have to get those last 3 violas that I need to finish out the front, and I have a little more room where I can throw in some more dianthus to round it out and make it look fuller. This is the one thing I will miss about Florida - year-round gardening.

On a completely different note - my fav Christmas song is on the radio right now - Christmas Canon - I can't remember the artist. I LOVE this song. Also, the station - Magic 107.7 - plays holiday music 24/7 from Thanksgiving day until midnight on Christmas. Christmas music is my absolute favorite part of the holiday. I could care less about the presents, decorating, stringing up lights - just give me my family and Christmas music and I am ALL SET.

I should be working on a paper tonight. I'm debating. I may just go ahead and fill out my graduation announcements. Or, I could actually do some more studying for my final exams - which I probably will end up doing. That and the final paper so it's done!!!!


At 1:00 AM, November 26, 2005, Blogger noelle feather said...

Last night, when we were going down to the Lakers Game, my neighbor's daughter was saying (in all seriousness) that she HATES Christmas music/carols. All kinds, no joke. WEIRD, huh! :)


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