Monday, November 14, 2005

November 30th

That's the date I have given C to have his stuff moved out. He obviously wasn't happy about what I had to say last night - he tried to turn it around and give me a guilt trip. News flash - my mom has been attempting those for years and you know, when you no longer care about someone or think of them as a friend, the guilt trips don't work. Why the 30th? He said - I'll be out as soon as possible. My reply I need a date. His response - as soon as possible. Mine was then: November 30th. He said "You can't do that. The lease says 30 days." My response: No, it doesn't. There is nothing in the lease that says 30 days is required. However, altho I didn't mention this to him- there is a statement in the lease that says if the terms of the lease are not met, then he can be removed immediately from the premises. Guess what - he hasn't paid the power or water bill this month and his rent must be paid in advance according to our agreement. So, if no money arrives by the 30th and he makes no move to get out, locks will be changed.

Hell - he only gave me FOUR days notice before he moved in a month early - WTF?? 2 and a half weeks is MORE than enough time to find a place in the area that I live in. There are tons of condos/townhomes that lease out for $500 a month for a 2/2 - I know b/c my friends that moved to GA lived in a place like that for 2 years. And it was nice - they painted it and fixed it up and it worked. They saved a buttload of money and were able to move to GA and buy a house up there.

If I don't give him a definite date, it will turn into the storage thing - I don't have time to look, or I can't find anything and then he will just keep living here. Um, sorry - you've got a date now. I'm probably going to hell for this, but I've been in hell for the last 3 months and I just cannot take it anymore. My stomach has been in knots for over 2 weeks and my friends have said that I'm just not the same person I was before he moved in.

Unfortunately, this will probably change my Thanksgiving plans - I've already told my sister-in-law and she's going to talk to my brother about it. I'm not comfortable leaving the house until he moves out. I'm hoping he'll get off his ass and move this weekend. I may just drive around and get some phone #s and call people tomorrow and get rates for him - just like I did with the storage unit.


At 10:17 PM, November 14, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!! That's me cracking open a beer to celebrate you!!! Finally that @ss will be out of your house! About time!!!! You go girl!!!!!!!!!!

At 6:43 PM, November 15, 2005, Blogger DragonStormInAZ said...

I now declare November 30th, VC Day!

At 12:17 AM, November 17, 2005, Blogger noelle feather said...

YAY! Good for you, and good for you staying close to home too, just to make sure. :)


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