Saturday, November 12, 2005

Everything must go!

Do you ever see those sale signs up in the store? And then they close and go into bankruptcy and then reopen under another name? Yeah, those guys suck....

So, I would like to get one of those and hang it on C's door. I've pretty much been convinced by numerous friends that he needs to go and he needs to go now. Or at least by the end of the month. I really can't do this anymore. My stomach was in knots all day today so that I haven't even eaten anything other than breakfast - why? B/C I never know what kind of shape my house will be in when I return to it on the weekends that he has the kids AND I left this AM and C wasn't here - which meant unsupervised kids in my home - I always have this nightmare that they will torch it while playing with matches (which I know one of his kids actually has a thing for fire and C caught him playing with his cigar flame thing and he burned his sister's toy dog about 6 months ago - can you see why leaving them alone in my house makes me nervous - which I've asked him repeatedly NOT to allow that to happen). So, yeah, I'm done. I really hate to do this, but I'm just under too much stress at the moment. I may have to leave my own house in order to get my research report done tomorrow - which sucks. But if they are here, they CONSTANTLY interupt me with questions and going in/out of my office while I am working (I'm typing this from the bedroom - AGAIN - on the laptop). So, the wine guy from Phoenix, if you're reading this - I will in all probability have a guest room available when you visit O-town - I will still have 2 animals - but I'm losing 6, so it will be easier :)

On the flip side, I almost killed my dog today. I wore him OUT. I took him swimming :) Unfortunately, his shoulder is acting up again. And I am all out of Rimadyl - the drug of choice for injured puppy dogs. So, I gave him TWO shoulder massages on his left side - yeah, vacuuming was a good idea today - NOT!! - and 1/2 an aspirin. Last time I gave him a full one and he threw it up immediately. This one is staying down (so far). I love my dog. The weird thing was is he wasn't limping when we left the park and he jumped up into the truck fine - he jumped out at home fine as well. So, I know it's not that serious and I did the manipulation like the vet showed me and he didn't wimper and he has full range of movement. I keep thinking about the day and there's really nothing he did that would have caused this - we mostly stayed in the water. I threw the frisbee a few times on the grass to take a break, but I don't remember him doing any quick turns - but I could be wrong. At any rate, I will be getting Rimadyl from the vet on Monday - I pretty much have a standing prescription now. I won't be able to walk tomorrow- which sux - but I can't take him - it will just aggravate the injury.

Speaking of walking - have I mentioned how much I love the trail? This morning was amazing. Not only did I see my red-tailed hawk in the tree :) I actually saw a FULL SIZE DEER- a doe. It was so cool. Jedi, of course, flipped out - which freaked it out even more (poor thing!). It was late and it was trying to find the hole in the chain link fence that some idiot at the county office decided would be good to put up - not realizing that there are actual animals that live in those woods that need to move around! A**hole. So, this poor deer was frantically running back and forth along the fence pushing it's head at it periodically trying to find the loose spot, and me with my barking dog making it even more frantic. The really cool thing? - it made absolutely no sound while it did this. It did make it through - we didn't see it on the walk back, so I'm assuming - but it was just so neat. I've never really been that close to a deer, so I was amazed and it was HUGE - much larger than I realized.

I haven't really mentioned school too much lately - but I'm getting burned out. For example - I should be working on a project right now and what am I doing - blogging :) Blogging is infinitely more interesting than creating a template for a storyboard (actually just redesigning one). I did survive my two presentations and two of my papers. Ugh. Tomorrow is designated as: "I will finish the rough draft of my research report and I will not leave the house until I do" day. ...sigh.... I really, really do not think there is any way on God's green earth that I can do a Ph. D. The horror stories that J & D tell me (two people in my group) are just terrible. I would go insane. There's really no point to me getting it either. So, I will be happy with two Master's degrees and my dog :) Who is snoring as I type - it's so cute. He also still has nursing dreams - which are even cuter! He is a Lab - food is in the top 3 list of priorities. The others would be tummy rubs and going outside to play or walk. Oh - I also let him chase another cat out of the yard this AM before we left - what fun!

Okay - you must be thinking - evil person - cat hater! Au contraire - I have a very large, fluffy fat cat named Jasmine who gets along just fine with Jedi and he with her. However, I have no sympathy for cats who are allowed to run loose and will probably end up dead. I think I have blogged about this before, so I will stop my ranting now - altho a good rant would also help me procrastinate from working on my project.

So, this project is my last one - thank GOD!!!! I am in hell next semester tho - 2 classes with my advisor who is tough as nails, my internship and then one class that should be pretty easy - it's all project based and there are no due dates ...grin... But the other two are guaranteed to kick my a** - the Saturdays that I spend working are usually for his class and his class only. Usually between 3-6 hours on Sat., and then almost always another night (usually Wed.) during the week. It's crazy.

I don't really think anything else interesting happened today. We had a very interesting conversation about waxing - but I won't share that here. I did run a few guys out of the ISD lab tho - wimps! I wish R would have been there - she would have been able to explain what I was not and it would have been fun to see J and H blush! ;)

So, it's early, but I'm off to bed. I haven't been sleeping well either. My friend from Colorado is visiting and she's sleeping on my side of the bed, and I really don't sleep well on the other for some reason - and I have absolutely no explanation for that at all. Altho I just drank a can of Mt. Dew - we'll see how well I sleep - but I honestly don't think caffeine even affects me anymore - I think I've had enuf of it this semester that I am officially immune!


At 2:09 PM, November 16, 2005, Blogger DragonStormInAZ said...

Yup, Listening....

At 4:16 PM, November 16, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, trust me, caffeine does still effect you! I can tell by your voice when you're on that caffeine high! LOL


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