Monday, November 07, 2005

Random thoughts for my neglected blog

I've had a helluva month (I've always wanted to type that word ;). October could just be chalked up to the busiest month I've had in my entire life that I would like to NEVER go through again.

I survived my first round of comprehensive exams for my first degree. My interim prof (since mine was in England) was like "Well, if you're taking these at home, then you should answer all 6 questions, not just 4" - so, he got 20 pages of types, single-spaced responses - he wasn't happy. Well, next time give me a freaking page limit!!! I have (unfortunately) another set to go through in March for my second degree.....sigh.....

My dad and stepmom are coming for graduation AND will help me with house stuff while they are here - :-D!!!! We are going to tile my back porch, put up curtains and change out some of the lights. I should (hopefully) have all the cabinet hardware up by the time he gets here. I'm excited - my dad doesn't visit often due to the driving distance and my stepmom is allergice to my pets. It will be fun to have them here for a few days and do some running around (since I am DONE as of December 6th with classes for ONE FULL MONTH!!!!!!!!!!! can you tell I'm excited??)

I joined a singles activity group - not sure if I previously blogged that or not. It's fun to get out and meet people AND they post events a month in advance. For the "I live for my planner" gal that I am, this is a perfect social group for me :) R joined as well - it's been good so far. I'm going bowling tomorrow with my friend L who is in town from Colorado, taking Jedi swimming with the group on Saturday, and going to a Christmas Tree festival Sunday - no, I have no idea what that means, but I'm going to find out.....grin.....

So, how do you kick someone out of your house? Any ideas from anyone would be appreciated here. C needs to go. I'm sick of it. Case in point - I put his dirty dishes on his bed today - all day - b/c I'm tired of him leaving them in the frigging sink. It takes all of 30 seconds to put the damn things in the dishwater, which is less than a foot away from the sink. What probably, truly prompted this, is the complete and total continual lack of respect that he shows. Exhibit A: I went for my walk this AM with Jedi (nothing unusual). We left around 6 AM - so it's still a little dark out. Got back (when it was light)....C went out to smoke cigars last night. I don't really care as long as he does it outside and far enough away from the house that the smell doesn't come in (I am VERY allergic to cigarette and cigar smoke - I can't even put my contacts in the next day b/c my eyes are so red, bloodshot and puffy). Rather than take an ashtray with him - he throws his butts (with the stupid little plastic things on them) in the driveway - directly where I can run over them with my car. Are you stupid or something? Oh, wait, nope - just completely inconsiderate and rude. I'm over it - actually I have been for a while. So, how do I kick him out? Suggestions?? I figure I would give him until Feb. 1 to find a place - why so long? I am going out of town at the end of Nov. and the end of Dec. - no offense, but I don't trust him that much anymore to not take something of mine when he moves. I'll be here at the end of Jan. to make sure that doesn't happen. Just a small amount of paranoria can actually be a good thing.

I had a funky dream last night. I was with a guy, but I can't remember his face, but he was the best kisser (even topping Victor from high school - that boy KNEW how to kiss - WOW!! and I never found anyone to top him). Everything felt really good - just the kissing and I was thinking - THIS is the guy. Hmmm....could it be I'm starting to miss men? Honestly, I've just been too busy to mess with that aspect of my life. Besides the fact that I am almost 100% sure I'm moving in a short 8 months :), so what's the point?

I cannot wait until Dec. 6th - I'm so over school right now. I'm wondering what the hell I was thinking. In the past month, and also within this month I've had: 2 major projects (fortunately in groups - but requiring about 5 hours a week outside of class with the group, and numerous hours without to finish), SIX PAPERS - with references, including my comps exam that took me 8 hours over 2 days- my brain actually hurt!, 2 presentations - both of them are this week - YIKES!, a midterm, 2 regular tests in 2 different classes, and finals are rapidly approaching. After tomorrow, I can actually start scheduling time during the day to study for finals so I am not cramming. I might actually have a chance of getting an A in my molecular biotechnology class right now - as long as I didn't blow the last test, and I need to go ask my prof a question about these 8 mystery points that I don't understand. That's the only class I'm really worried about. If I actually make an A in there, I will have a 4.0 for my first master's - WOOHOO!!! I've NEVER maintained a 4.0 average in school before. I realize that in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter. And as my friend B points out- a 4.0 is really insignificant when you're dead (I really do love her for saying that and putting things in perspective for me), but it also means I will graduate with top honors - which I missed in my undergrad program by one B that my prof made a mistake and would not adjust my grade, even when I showed him my test. So, a 4.0 would be FABULOUS!!!! My dad would be really proud too - which is part of the reason I want to do it - I really want him to be proud of me :)

So, I probably should have broken this up into several different posts, but I had just a few minutes to try and wear myself out before bed tonight (little anxious about my presentation tomorrow - ugh). Now, all I have to do is move my 85 pound dog to HIS side of the bed and I'm all set! lol


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Dec. 6th? Don't ya mean Dec. 3rd? :)


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