Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ying and Yang day

What a day I've had. This has to be the craziest balanced day I've had. Here's the sequential:

Wake up at 5:30 - allergies bugging me - I reset alarm to 6:30 to walk instead - got up and took my walk with Jedi.

Came back - dropped Jedi off - went to the grocery store.

Came home - started breakfast - fed Jedi - Jedi threw up (large chunks - yuck!) - cleaned it up -finished making my breakfast - used Nature's Miracle stuff on carpet to get rid of stains.

Realized I had 10 minutes to my conference call - still no shower.

During conference call - was walking out of my bedroom to the living room - ran into the couch - broke my middle toe (NOT kidding) - hit the mute option on conference call - had a brief bout of Turret's syndrome.

Conference call ran late - had two students call for quizzes - did those - hobbled into shower (FINALLY!) - 2 minute shower - hobbled back into living room for phone interviews.

First phone interview - talked to my Instructional Leader about incorporating the Adopt-an-Author into Marine Science - she gives go ahead to explore the idea - break for lunch.

During lunch - found the Adopt-An-Author site for Steve Alten - LOVE his books - are Marine Science based - I try to register and cannot for some reason - I email Steve Alten and explain we would like to try this with our course.

Second phone interview - call waiting/caller ID chimes in - IT'S STEVE ALTEN -WOW!!! This was TOO cool and I couldn't take the call - ARGH!!!!

I get an email from Steve Alten during second phone interview - I respond back to register through him. Ask about some ideas to hopefully have him work with our kids - very excited by this prospect.

10 minute break between phone interviews - back on phone - discuss book/reading idea with other Marine science teachers before candidate comes in - they ask for email - send email and do a student grade - do second phone interview.

Phone call comes in after interview - grade I just did is showing up N/A - WHAT!?!?! - IM my IL to fix it - it was my mistake ....sigh....

Fix grade - go in to peel potatoes for dinner - cut my finger on potato peeler - ouch.

Eat dinner - C calls - he's coming to get rest of his stuff - he leaves garage open and doesn't bother to tell me when he leaves. Sink is backed up in kitchen - I call my dad for help.

Drano is prescribed - then when that doesn't work - a plunger. I call R for localized help. Dad calls again - I use the plunger on the sink - it appears to work.

I re-start dishwasher - I'm outside talking to dad - I come back in - dishwasher is spewing out suds all over kitchen floor - I began laughing hysterically at my day.

Dad calms me down - advises I clean it up and try again. He will call back. I clean it up - same problem - suds on floor ....sigh..... I call R again for reinforcement - her mom knows how to fix this stuff.

I sit down to blog - I cannot BELIEVE the day I've had - good tempered with the bad - but my toe really, really, really hurts!!!


At 6:26 PM, November 30, 2005, Blogger Sascha said...

try pressurized air. You can get it at the hardware store next to the drano. It worked great for me and didn't damage my ancient galvanized steel pipes.

At 8:14 PM, November 30, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ying yang is in the air. Did a lot of errands - cooked 2 1/2 hours - yes 2 1/2 hours (chicken, steamed rice, steamed veggies...) Worked on stuff for clients, etc.
Then...twisted knee (yep - the one w/ the ripped up ACL) - hurt like a "B" - and then hubbie asks how long I cooked the chicken (he says I over cook it) and then proceeds to just say he should cook himself cause I don't do it right. Um, o.k. Go for it - it's the first time I've cooked in almost 4 months since my knee injury - hmmm, kind of not nice. So I'm past the moaning phase and into whatever phase.
Glad that "C" is finally gone! Hope you changed the locks and codes. Love and miss ya!

At 8:32 PM, November 30, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep....ying is swinging back my way - hubbie just apologised - very sincerely - I think he had a bad day - we all do from time to time. Yep - that's why I love him! :)


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