Sunday, April 25, 2010


Okay, so everything is fine - I was just being weird. He was really, really, really tired and I think that was part of the problem :(
I *think* we are making progress. We picked out some paint colors for his bedroom. The first round - not so good - green (and not my fav color - but his) - he hated it. I suggested a smoky blue - he loves it :) We've kind of looked at some ideas for re-doing his bathroom over the weekend - just shopping and looking. We have some similar tastes. It's ultimately his house, but at least he is asking my opinion and what I like/dislike - kind of nice.
I'm hoping we get to the point of moving in together. I think his house is going to have to be really, really, really cleaned out before that can happen. He still has so much of his parents stuff there in several rooms, and I think it's just hard for him to cope with on his own. We got the closet cleaned out one weekend - that was a BIG step. The next rainy weekend we will spend painting - and then he will move his parents furniture out of his bedroom and his furniture in - so it will feel more like his.
His neighbors LOVE me :) One of them has said she has never seen him like this with anyone - and as far as they know he's never dated seriously until me. We did an impromptu party one Friday night - one of his neighbors I hadn't met before asked me if I was living there already! I guess my car being there overnight (I park on the street) is kind of obvious to the neighbors... :)
I'm really enjoying the time with him and with his friends. He so loves to entertain - I enjoy it as well. It's been really, really, really hard to get work done and get caught up :P. I only have one more week of actual teaching with my AP kids, so I'm looking forward to this week ending - which means this week will probably drag as well.
I know he cares about me. I think he cares for me as much as he is able to do so right now. It's going to take some time. I think I heard a phrase somewhere that summarizes how I feel about him - I can live without him, I just don't want to. I want him in my life. I hate when I'm not with him - just hanging out. We are still "working" on that to be comfortable as I know he has to do work at home sometimes - we just treasure the time we have together so much that it makes it hard to get things done. He is still just as amazing and I love him a little more each day :)


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