Saturday, August 13, 2005

Done for the next 9 days!!!

I have just turned in a final project for my last online class (of course it's due tomorrow - nothing like a little procrastination to get the heart pumping! lol) - so I am DONE with grad school for the next 9 days of this month :-D

So, what will I do with myself?? Hmmm.... my house is a disaster! Last night I totally cleaned my bedroom from top to bottom and threw out a bunch of crap - that felt really, really good :) I got clothes and some other things ready to take to GoodWill as well. That will now have to wait until after Monday so I can get my damn car window fixed.

Then, once I manage to finish cleaning my house, I think I will start reading books for next term. Yes, I am a nerd. However, it takes me forever to read something for school since I have to take notes, so I need to get started on it now. My two science courses are scaring the crap out of me - I glanced at the books (which are NOT small) and I think they are going to kick my butt. I know the other classes I am taking will have a lot of project based work, but I'm okay with that. I'm NOT okay with the science stuff - and I'm just betting (based on my research HELL this summer) that they will each require some sort of paper as well. .....sigh.... I'm tired of research - it sucks. Someone please remind me of this and how much I hate it when I start talking about doing my doctorate. As it is, no one is going to see me for the next five months of school (this will be my heaviest load of classes I have ever taken) and I'm still working full time. HOWEVER, I'm no longer working two jobs :) and in the spring semester this past year, I: worked two jobs - one full time during the day (which I would have to bring work home for), one part-time at home, and took 3 classes three nights each week and managed. So, I think I can handle just about anything. Plus, this summer was no picnic either - three classes, two jobs and a research report - yeah, I'm all OVER this coming semester :) I need to remember this post along about October when I am DYING!! LOL


At 11:38 PM, August 13, 2005, Blogger noelle feather said...

Boy, you are my total and complete idol. Hearing your motivation to succeed in your education makes me not give up on my dream of one day trying for my Masters' Degree.


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