Sunday, September 11, 2005

What goes around....

...comes around....

Remember that saying - oh and the other one "You get back what you put out" - yep, firm believer in that.

Remember that assholes that live across the street from me and have absolutely no respect for anyone or anything except themselves?

So, earlier this week I see the Pimp-mobile up on blocks and the tires are gone. I don't really think anything of it - they are always working on cars (as evidenced by the oil that stains their driveway and the street in front of their house - and incidentally, mine...). Well, today C is outside working on his car and I'm pulling weeds. He asks the guy what happened to his tires (he no longer has the pimp rims on it - just the normal ones). The guy says "They got jacked"

I'm having a hard time feeling bad for him - I know I should - it sucks when you are robbed, but then again, I think about how he treats others with no respect at all - and then I think of how disrespectful it is when someone steals your stuff - and then I think - what goes around comes around.

BTW - my dad bust a gut laughing when he found out (he knows what I've been dealing with for the past year) - and basically said "it serves them right for being so disrespectful and rude to all their neighbors - not just you" b/c they are. Their friends show up late at night, music blaring or they do it on purpose (again, see previous post about the assholes saying they are being assholes on purpose). Thoughts?


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