Friday, September 30, 2005

The fence

I once saw a picture that someone sent me online that was too cool. It was a yellow, diamond shaped warning sign that had a picture (in black on yellow) of a german shephard in the center (like the outline but filled in so you could tell what kind of dog it was). The sign was posted on a tree with an open fence behind it and you could see the dog in the background. The top of the sign said "I can make it to the fence in 2.8 seconds" - the bottom (under the dog) said "Can you?".

I want this sign. Except, I, of course, want the picture of my lab on it instead of the german. Especially on nights like tonight, when I take my dog outside to go potty (and the yard is now fenced - for the dog I might add....why can't I deduct him on my taxes again??) and I see and hear the police helicopter flying almost directly over my neighborhood with the search light on. This is the time when I NEED THAT SIGN ON MY FENCE. Yes, I have a big, loveable black lab - but most idiots who are miscreants (wow, I got to use idiot and miscreant in the same sentence - pretty cool, huh?) do not know the difference between a black lab, a rottweiler, or a doberman pincer. Just having a picture of any dog (hell, a miniature poodle) on a sign would probably deter most people. So, if someone out there knows of a specialized sign company or pet supply place online that makes something like that OR can create something like that, please let me know. I want that sign for my fence :)


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