Friday, September 09, 2005

Weekly wrap-up for thoughts....

So, this was an interesting week that went by in a flash. I'm not even sure I remember the entire week, which may not be a bad thing.

C and I talked AGAIN about things and I basically gave him a list of non-compromisable items. It seemed to be working this week. Since he's been gone since Wednesday out of town, I can't say it's been 100% effective yet - we'll see.

So, on top of him being out of town, it meant that I had to watch his son for him this week while he was gone. I agreed to do this back in July when he found out about this training thing he has to do for work, and before we discussed him moving in, so I'm okay with it. L tried typical kid stuff - like trying to go to bed in his jeans instead of his pj's, and having to be told to brush his teeth and wash his hands - stuff like that, and that's pretty normal for a nine-year-old.

So, C calls me yesterday to tell me that his mother's brother (who was 28) died very suddenly of a heart attack on Wednesday. She is still coming to get him, but don't say anything to his son - understandable and that's definitely NOT something that I want to deal with - been there, done that, have the T-shirt and it sucked.

Can you say "uncomfortable moment" tonight when she got here to pick him up? First, I could tell she's very upset - duh! of course she will be. Then, C didn't know when the funeral would be, so I didn't know what kind of clothes L (his son) would need to get together. I just told him a nice pair of jeans and at least one non-play shirt. So, his mom gets here and makes a big fuss about him getting a nice pair of pants and a nice shirt packed - which he has no idea where his clothes are since he didn't put them in the closet. I see that she is about to lose it, so I send him to get his socks and shoes on while I hunt down clothes. She gets him outside, and again almost breaks down in front of me. I should also stress - this is the very first time I've ever met this woman. I'm sure that she must think C and I are dating again, and we ARE NOT under any circumstances doing that at all. So, this was one of those unpredictable, uncomfortable moments in life that you wish had never happened. What do you say to a total stranger, whose son you are watching, who has lost a brother, has not told her son and is getting ready to lose it in your foyer? Well, there wasn't much I could say except that I understand what she is going through and to please call if she needs to.

So, that was my Friday night - pretty exciting, eh? The rest of my week was fairly routine. Grad school, work, more work, more grad school, oh - insurance paperwork to fax in since I missed the deadline and had to get it in asap or be without insurance for 2 months instead of one, cleaning, laundry, more grad school, even more work .....sigh..... conversation with dad about cheap housing in GA (again!), and this damn tropical storm raining everyday so I can't get anything done in my yard. Ugh. I'm beat. Doesn't sound like I did too much this week, but, I did. Oh - paid bills too. I love my bank - it offers free online bill pay - you ONLY pay a fee if you DON'T use it within a 90 day period - how awesome is that?? Secure and easy and FREE unlike others that charge - I do the credit union thing :) I will miss that when I leave. But, I may try to keep it since everything is direct deposit or online and I hardly ever use the ATM any more since I have the visa check card now - world's best invention in my opinion. Oh, I finally went to the chiropractor today - WOW do I feel better :) Next appointment in 2 weeks and I'm going to try and squeeze a massage in my schedule (no pun intended) between now and then as well to loosen up the muscles more so he can really get in there to adjust - he really couldn't do as much as he wanted to today b/c everything was too tight.

Jedi is pissy b/c we haven't walked in several days - well, it's raining - I have to continually remind him that he doesn't like to walk in the rain, and neither do I really. So, we will see what the weather is like in the early AM. My reminders have no effect on him whatsoever since he understands not a word of what I am saying most times - much like children ;)

So, I have the house to myself until tomorrow at around 5 PM - kind of nice in a way, and this will happen at least once a month until December. So, with my very boring week in black and white, or really in white on green for my blog, I bid a good night and good weekend to everyone.


At 9:32 PM, September 09, 2005, Blogger Sascha said...

not that I want to spam you or anything darling, but I've been using the same Internet Bank for over 5 years now. Online Bill Pay has always been free and, because they don't have local branches, they reimburse me for up to 6$ in ATM fees each month. I'm also lucky in that I have ATM that doesn't charge in my office building.


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