Monday, September 05, 2005

Roommate issues

Okay, I'm hereby officially advising anyone who has ever considered taking a roommate into their house (not an apartment - that's a little different) to NOT do it under any circumstances.

Long story short - b/c I am tired and not typing too well right now - I've asked my friend C who has moved into my guest room to do a few, simple courteous things that you would do if you were in someone's house. Examples:
Clean up your own dishes - and your kids' dishes - do not rely on kids to do it - check it.
Put things back as you found them.
Lock doors when you leave the house.

My one friend thinks I am being entirely unreasonable and that I need to compromise.

Well, in my opinion, I have already made HUGE compromises for C and the kids. I gave up part of my office and rearranged furniture in my home to fit his stuff - including a bed in my office for the kids - which I was really not too keen on doing.

So, Saturday AM I have a complete breakdown in front of him and we have a huge fight. I've already had 2 breakdowns with various friends earlier in the week. The main issue: dishes - cannot be left scattered around the house (NOT joking here) or in the sink - put them in the f***ing dishwasher.

Sat. night I come home from school from doing some work - the kitchen is a disaster and all of them are sitting around in the living room watching a movie. Hmmm... I want to make dinner
for myself and can't b/c there is no room for me to work. I have to ASK someone to come clean up the kitchen - I don't think I should have to do that.

We talked AGAIN this morning about it. Guess what's in the sink RIGHT NOW and he is home. He has washed his hands in the kitchen sink and rinsed out his own glass to get water. The dishes are still sitting there. If they are still there tomorrow morning - I'm going to ask him to leave by the end of the month.

How many of you out there think I am being unreasonable? I will state this: This is MY HOME and right now, I do not even feel comfortable in it. On Sat. morning (it was really bad - place reeked like dog urine - which it wasn't - he left a pan out overnight where he beer-boiled hotdogs and it fermented to ammonia) when I left to go to school to work - I didn't even want to come home. All I could think about was Georgia. If I weren't in school where I HAD to attend two of my classes b/c they take roll (all the others are online) I probably would have called my friend who is a realtor and left.

It goes back to my dependability post (sorry - not linking it - too tired - look to your right) - I also told him this AM - I feel like my wishes about how to keep up the house are being totally disrespected and disregarded, and that I am being taken advantage of right now.

I'll see how tomorrow AM works out. Right now, I'm pretty pissed to the point that I am typing this while he is in the room and not even talking to him. He probably thinks it's b/c it's late, I'm tired and working on the computer. Who knows?? Thoughts anyone???


At 10:48 AM, September 06, 2005, Blogger Sascha said...

You are *so* NOT unreasonable. However, you should probably have laid out ahead of time how much you expected him to adhere to your living standards. A lot of people are not as fastidious as we could wish they were.


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