Monday, December 19, 2005


I think I may have to stay in school forever. I'm bored. I have no homework and no reading to do. I just can't seem to focus.

I thought about going out to finish shopping for Christmas, but I really just couldn't stomach the crowds tonight.

I called my friend R to go to a movie - she's doing stuff with her mom.

That's actually a funny statement. We normally do quite a bit together - and she's been bitching and complaining about my wanting to leave for family and blah, blah, blah.....Yet, since her mom has moved here, we haven't done a thing together. I understand that up until this past weekend her mom didn't have a car, but still - she's welcome to go to a movie with us. What has really pissed me off is nights that I've asked her if she wants to go to a movie - she says she'll call back - then I find out later she went with her mom. Hmm.....

So, I find myself thinking about moving again today. I checked out some more houses/neighborhoods that my dad, stepmom and I can go look at while I am visiting in Georgia this week. I want to get an idea of the areas and make sure the subdivisions I am looking at are well-maintained - that way I can narrow down my search later. I'm really thinking about just dropping the second degree again and moving now. UGA has the same program up there, and I might be able to transfer my classes/credits. Although, I really need to sit on my house until the market picks back up again so I can get maximum buck-age out of this place. Can you tell I'm bored?? I wish it were Wednesday and I were gone. The only good thing is I have a massage appointment tomorrow and it's free - I got a gift certificate for my b-day from some girls in my group that I worked with this semester - so that is something to look forward to tomorrow.

I need to make one of my infamous lists of things I would like to get done over the holidays while I'm not in school. I also need to put some stuff on my jumpdrive to take with me to Georgia - I'm not really supposed to work, but I know that there will be times when I'll be bored up there with some time on my hands, and I do have stuff that I need to have done by the end of this month.

So, Ph.D. or not? School for the rest of my life?? Hmmm.... I need to think about that one. Ugh. I'm bored.


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