Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What goes around....

...comes around. Okay - B - don't freak or yell at me when you read this - but you're really going to get a kick out of it!!

Background on this one: I fell in love with someone - after my divorce. Suffice it to say he lied and cheated on me and I gave him wwwwwaaaayyyy too many opportunities to come back. The third time was it. He called me LAST January to "talk" and catch up - just out of the blue. Said "I'll give you a call next week sometime". Okay, so that was the longest week I've ever experienced. He called tonight - my house twice and my cell and left a messages on both (guess he doesn't realize I have caller ID and I can figure out how many times he's called....).

So what's coming around? I did leave him, even though I was in love with him and would have done anything for him. So, he tells me about this girl he met last April - he pretty much moved in with her and then, out of the blue at the end of September (as he was getting his house ready to sell - that's how serious he said it was getting) - she kicks him out and won't tell him why.

Can I just say how big of a grin I have on my face right now? Wow. And here's the going 'round coming 'round part: I could tell by the tone of his voice he's in love with her - still. And he is perplexed and hurt and confused - all the same things he put me through when I was dating him and practically living at his house. I'm not grinning because I'm happy he's hurt. I don't think hurting someone is a cause to be happy. I'm actually not sure why I'm grinning - maybe because I was right about him all along? (and I really, really love it when I'm right - B: ABSOLUTELY no comments on that one! ...wink....) Someone please explain why I'm happy about this?

The other thing - he can't answer me why he called me tonight OR why he didn't call me back "last week" last year - no reason at all. Why now? No reason given. Am I going to get sucked back in to this? Hmmmmm....lemme think - not just "no" but "HELL NO". I think I've gotten stronger about that than my divorce. Also, I don't love him anymore. Love = trust. He's not someone I can trust. I have no desire to see him. I called simply because I really was curious of why he called me after all this time. Also, a part of me (and this is my twisted, evil part that just has to prove herself - and I know, I really need to get over this) had to gloat about everything I've done in the past year - and I've done quite a bit. Without him or his support or his help. I can do things on my own. I've shown that - but a part of me just had to rub it in. And rub I did! ;) I couldn't help it - and thanks to my second-mom, I've learned how to be very "tactful" and nonchalant in how I do it - and very sarcastic (which is really second nature to me). So, it was an interesting night. Will he call again? Who knows. Do I really care? No, not really. I'm over it. I've learned how to be stronger after my divorce. I've learned how to distance myself from situations and emotions that might be detrimental to me. Besides, I'm pretty much gone soon anyways. Seven. More. Months. = ONE MORE DEGREE!! I'm going to stick it out.

So, B - I know you will have thoughts on this gf. Or, the big "W" for me ;) But, I must say, I really think I handled the conversation well.

It came around.


At 2:24 PM, December 14, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh boy - he's such a "L" - loser! but "W" - whatever - cause weren't not "M" moaning over him anymore! LOL -B


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