Tuesday, December 06, 2005

One. More. Day.

So, I had my only two "real" final exams today. They started at 7 AM - I started (woke up) around 4:30 to get to campus early and have some quiet time to study without the distractions at the house. I'm hoping it paid off. I'm pretty sure I have an A in my molecular biotech class - I'm unsure about my bacteria class - ugh. His questions are just bizarre and way too specific.

So, tomorrow, our group is meeting for the last time to deal with the project for my last class. I will do some work on it tomorrow here, but we still have to do some clean up on it - ugh.

At this point I'm really questioning - is this second degree really worth it? I'm halfway through it right now - if I drop it and just leave now, will it matter? I guess I'm just really tired of school. I realized the other day (and I may have written this already) that I will have done TWO master's degrees in TWO years - that's one a year - what the hell was I thinking?

I know now that I will NOT be doing a Ph.D. - I just can't. These have almost killed me - or at least worn me out to the point that I'm just done. Ironically, I don't remember feeling like this after two years in my undergrad program. Oh, wait - but I wasn't working full-time AND taking 16 hours of graduate course work. Yes, that was SIXTEEN hours - 5 classes and my research report. Technically (and I'm still waiting for UCF to catch this) I needed permission to take anything over 12 hours (4 classes). Hmmm.....I'm thinking it's because I'm in two different programs that UCF never caught it. Or, they just don't care because they get paid regardless and tuition $$ is more important than sanity.

So, I will work on my part of our project tomorrow - after the gym and walking the dog and working. Then, I think I'm going to put up some Christmas decorations inside and maybe do lights outside this year. Oh, I STILL need to go tile shopping to look for tile for my back patio - argh!!!!

Oh, but on the flip side of things - I LOVE my new TV :-D It arrived on Sunday. Focusing on my studying for finals was VERY difficult with my new TV tempting me to watch it. It rocks. My last one lasted for about 12 years or so - I'm expecting that I won't need to buy another one for a while. I'm not one of those that needs to have a new, bigger, better TV every two years (that would be my ex-husband, yet another reason why I'm glad we are divorced). I'm happy with what I have :)


At 11:33 PM, December 06, 2005, Blogger noelle feather said...

My humble opinion? Don't give up on the degree. I'm struggling with so much on my mind right now, what with trying to find a job and having the desire (but prob. not the grades) to continue with my schooling. I'd say keep your head in the game and keep it going. :)


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