Monday, December 12, 2005

Today and the last four years

On this day, four years ago, I was officially divorced. It was a morning appointment with the judge, and as soon as it was done, I left the courthouse, went and got my school ID for my adjunct job online, then went back to the courthouse to get the official paperwork for my name change.

Here's what I've accomplished since then:
I did my National Board teaching certification - it took 2 years, but I started it that January after my divorce.
I bought my house - which is decorated and painted the way I want it.
I bought real furniture for my master bedroom - I have not had real, matching furniture (even while married) since I left my parents house at 17 for college at UCF.
I finally began to feel (and still am) financially stable for the first time since I've been an adult. The house and buying a car a few months prior and the furniture helped quite a bit.
I have gone back to school for my Master's degree and started a second one.
I will graduate with one Master's degree tomorrow - December 13th - in 4 semesters = 17 months.
I will graduate with a second Master's degress in August of next year. 2 Master's degrees in 2 years - even I have a hard time believing it.
I fenced in my back yard for my dog.
I've had two semi-serious relationships and have learned quite a bit from both of them. More importantly, I've learned how I should NOT be treated by a man and the warning signs when these things happen. I feel like I am becoming more aware of what I need and desire and am not concerned anymore about what others think of me. I've become more mature.
I added on a patio to my house. Again, along with the fence, that whole financial independence thing - it rocks.
I've worked two summers in a row for Johns Hopkins University in Pennsylvania - not a bad thing to have on the resume.
I've attended a couple of national conferences - haven't presented at any recently, but I'll get back into it when I have more time.
I went on my first vacation in I don't even know how long - it felt good.
I'm planning my next vacation already. It's a toss up between: Italy, Costa Rica, Grand Cayman or Barbados. It will depend on the time of year and where I am this time next year - but I WILL go to one of the above.
I bought my first piece of "real" jewelry for myself - a sapphire and diamond ring. I LOVE it. Again - that financial independence thing is good :)

I guess what this all leads to is I've realized that I am where I need to be at this moment in time. Things seem to be falling into place and I'm happy with my decisions and what I've been able to accomplish. I should be ecstatic about graduation tomorrow - but it's kind of hard to be excited when I know I have to go back to school in January! ...sigh.... I know it's a big deal, but right now it just doesn't feel like it. At any rate - life is good, I'm happy, and things are starting to look up again for me.


At 2:21 PM, December 14, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you!!! You deserve every happiness in the world! :)


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