Thursday, February 09, 2006

England baby - yeah!

Looks like I'm taking an impromptu and unplanned trip to the UK - VERY excited. Put in for my passport this AM - expedited shipping and fees SUCK!! But, that's the only way I'm going to get it in time.
R is over there working for two weeks each month, and scheduled her next visit for UCF spring break - where I already have vaca time planned. I was just going to go see my brother & sister-in-law, BUT this is too good to pass up. The room is paid for. I just have to buy a plane ticket and pay for food - GOOD deal. We even have the rental car that her company pays for.

Current itinerary/plans include:
First weekend in London at a hotel that she has a gift certificate thing for.
We will be staying in Bath - so we can drive to the cool places, for example: Stonehenge (this would be killer to see!!)
Her mom is going, and since France is nearby, we thought - what the hell- let's go to Paris and see the Louvre. Her mom is a big art person, and when the hell am I ever going to get to Paris?? We can go under the channel on the train, I think....

Tomorrow I will be off to the local bookstore to find a destinations type book of the UK that we can use to find all the major stuff that we want to do. I was hoping to go to Italy first, but hell, if I can do 8 days in the UK for $1200-1300, including my airfare, I figure that's a little too tempting to pass up.

I've got to wait one more week to see if R is really going back - and once she books her ticket and hotel, then I can book my plane ticket :)


At 7:42 PM, March 12, 2006, Blogger noelle feather said...

So, I'm assuming you're still on your trip? :)


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