Sunday, January 30, 2005

First time blogger

My first foray into the online world of journaling. Since I type faster than I write, this might be great for me. However, putting my thoughts out there is also kind of scary.....does anyone really read these things?? I saw one from someone I just met a couple of weeks ago, then I clicked the little button that said "create your blog" - and I'm off!
I will still need to play with this - I don't even know how to do my personal profile editting stuff yet...hmm.... more time on the computer to play :) less time for work :( or maybe that should be a :)
I will state that I am a workaholic. I do this for many reasons that I will probably disclose later - first b/c I have no idea if I really want someone to know these things about me and second, b/c it's hard to admit these things to myself, much less the rest of the world online - lol! So - off to work (I know it's Sunday, but I am a BUSY single woman). I just finished up one project - now off to do my work for grad school - ugh! It's a love/hate relationship. Maybe if I had enough money to be a full time grad student and not have to work one full time and another part time job to support myself, I'd probably enjoy school more. Right now, it's tough and time-consuming....