Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Big C

D and I started watching this show - "The Big C" - from Showtime. We probably won't continue as it hits too close to home for him. However, something I've learned from it after the first three is a gift and it should be lived. I'm doing that now, more than ever before. Me and vacations don't normally happen - I'm doing 4 this year. Some are just weekend trips - two are longer - one we already did in July, and the other is to St. Maarten in February (which will actually be our one year anniversary too :). If I can fit another one in during March back to Florida for a weekend - I'm going. I'm no longer living to work, but working to live. If something doesn't get done for school - I'm not panicked - I'll get to it. Right now, spending more time with D and enjoying the time we have together is much more important. Actually - just remembered - 5 trips - I *might* be going with him over Thanksgiving to visit his family (TBD based on his family's response - he says they will be fine with me going, but I'd feel better if he asked first :).

So - live your life. Don't live for work. Go out and have fun. Enjoy each day. We laugh each and every day. He smiles and it lights me up inside. I love being with him and our dogs. I've realized what's been missing from life and now that I know - I won't be missing out anymore.

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