Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I must be crazy!!!

Okay, so I made the BIG 450 mile move up the road to Georgia - this is my first official post from my new living room :) I really do like my new house - it is a MUCH better neighborhood than where I just left. No cars in the street, no renters, no college kids. It's ssssssssooooooooo quiet - I back up to a farm that has TONS of mature trees with bunnies, squirrels, horses and birds. They have found my feeder. Jedi is having a BLAST chasing the squirrels away from the feeder. It's quite fun so far.

I transferred my gym membership today and bit the bullet and hired a personal trainer. I need to get down in the pounds. Grad school has not been kind, and I've not been very kind to my body lately. I have started walking again in the AM in my new neighborhood - I'm loving the hills that I get to walk too - very fun and just something different. The neighborhood does have sidewalks on one side of the street and streetlights. A lot of neighborhoods up here don't have sidewalks, so I'm glad this one does.

It doesn't quite feel like home yet. My dad and I are painting this weekend, and I'm having new carpets installed (these are horrible), tile in the wet areas (can you believe they put down carpet in the master bath - hello! welcome mold!), and then I can get furniture. I didn't bring much with me - I got rid of the furniture my ex and I got from his mom - just didn't want it here. Plus, with the money I've made off the house sale, I won't have to kill myself or go into debt to redo this stuff and buy new furniture, which is a first.

I think I'm going to have a housewarming in a few weeks when everything is done. Call me crazy - my realtor suggested it and asked if he could come. It was kind of hard to say no. I must admit, my realtor is pretty hot, and I've got a thing for him. Haven't felt that way about a guy in a while. Oddly enough, he's really not my type - very slender (like a swimmer's or diver's build - that's R's kind of build that she likes), but he is incredible looking, and just plain polite and nice. He bent over backwards to help me with everything - which I know is his job, but I wasn't paying him (the commission from the seller's did) and my realtor in Florida, whom I WAS paying a flat fee and she didn't have to split with anyone, was in contact with me less than he was. He was always in contact and really took care of a lot of details that I just didn't think about. He called today to see if I needed anything and if he could help me with anything. Who does that? No realtor that I know of! And, he's hot (have I said that enough yet??)

So, summary of the first week in my house. Jedi is really loving my big ass yard - so am I, but, I haven't mowed it yet, so we'll so how it goes. Plus, I need to go buy a mower - dad said mine wouldn't work up here, so I sold it to my neighbor. We have LOTS to do this weekend, and I think I'm going to pick up everything on Friday night.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Evolution of Dance

I had to post this - things have been busy, but I need to remember this link: