Monday, November 17, 2008

Hmm....what to blog.....

I have the urge to type, but not really sure what to type. That, of course, makes absolutely no sense, but I'm used to that in life :) I know I'm killing time until my brother logs in on IM since he's in Afghanistan - ugh. I hate that he's over there - AND he's a civilian. It sux.
Things are going well - can't wait for the break coming up. Also can't wait until I can request a job transfer - apparently I'm going to be able to do that an ENTIRE year sooner than I anticipated - I am a happy camper!
My kids are doing videos this week - LOVING life as I will be facilitating, not direct teaching and with the majority of them - they just GO and need me for very little. It's a lovely feeling.

I'm getting sentimental - must be the time of year or the fact that I was dumb enough to NOT get my birth control refilled and I was off them a month - will NOT do that again - cramps were killer. But anyways....that was probably a TMI!....I've been watching "Love Actually" as my background noise whilst I'm working. One - I miss London - it's such a GREAT town. Wish I could hop a plane over there right this instant. Two - I love this movie. It's just fantastic. I can never decide what my favorite storyline is, and I STILL want to jump through the TV when she answers her "mobile" in the midst of making out with the hot Spaniard. The LAST thing I would do is answer a freaking phone! So, everytime I just HOPE she won't do it...and she does. I KNOW, it's just a movie - but I always hope! Three - It's just a good movie.

I'm going to bed. My dog is curled up on the sofa behind me - snoring - so I think that's my signal to go to bed :)