Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Acts Day!

So, I had the opportunity to do not one, but TWO random acts of kindness today :) I seem to get the opp for one - and always take it :) but two within a 20 min span of time is unheard of in my world!
First, outside Publix, an older gentleman in the passenger side of the car dropped his drink (looked like ice water). I heard something hit the ground, and was mid-way to the sidewalk. He was trying to reach it and obviously could not - so, I went up and picked it up, mentioned that the straw had hit the ground and would he just like me to throw it away - he said that would be good :) So, I went into the deli department and found the guy in there that knows me pretty well and asked if I could just pay for the cup to get some ice water for the guy. He said don't worry about paying and just to do it :) So, I got outside just in time to give it to him before his driver pulled away :) His smile was worth it :)
Second - as I was leaving, a man and his VERY young daughter were in front of me in line. He was leaving and just as I was checking out, I noticed a slip on the counter for $50. I thought - Oh, he forgot his receipt and got cash out - NOPE! He had a Home Depot gift card under that receipt for $50!!! Have I ever mentioned that HD is my toy shoppe???? I called him back and he thanked me profusely - looked VERY relieved to have it back! I jokingly said something about that being my toy shoppe and I'm glad I'm an honest person - he looked at me and said - "it's mine too!" - we laughed for a second and he thanked me again :)
Good feeling today! Rest of life may be going rough - but this made up for it :)
D and I are still good - typing this from his place now :)