Saturday, August 07, 2010

Selling the house????

So, D is out of town again :P and we've had some ups and downs - mostly ups. We've repainted the bedroom :) and today his neighbor helped put a new ceiling fan up. It's a surprise for him when he gets back. We've been looking for a while, and we both looked up and LOVED this one. It's actually the floor model b/c it has been discontinued - and it was a PAIN IN THE A** to get the Depot to sell it to me! OMW! SSSSSSOOOOOO, I finally got it and picked it up. It looks amazing! I'm missing him right now :( will probably go over and do some more work around his place tomorrow - mostly the yard and if I'm feeling ambitious enough, I might pressure wash the driveway - I've already done the deck and mailbox - we joked about it once, so I thought, "why not?" - I need to stay busy this weekend/week while he's gone.
So, I'm thinking about selling my house. I'm pretty much living at D's anyways, so it seems reasonable. I just don't know how to approach him about it. If it's a 'no', then I need to start staying here a little more often - not sure how that's going to work since I'm also teaching night school, and I would need dog care after school - so I'd probably have to get a service....sigh..... would really just rather move in with him and use the equity in my place and put it into his house - it has SO much potential! I know it's his house, but I want to make it our home.
So, before he left, I mentioned that it might be a good idea for us to discuss 'logistics' especially since school has begun and there's the issue of work clothes and shoes. I've been bumming around in shorts/t-shirts/sneakers all summer and those don't take up much room. His response was positive and said I shouldn't worry and we would work it out. The biggest issue is all the antiques his mom collected - they aren't family heirlooms, so I would like to help him get them cleaned out. I'm sure that he could sell them for a ton of money as well.
Can't wait for him to come back - I've really missed him this week! I know he's having a good time and it's a trip he's planned for a while - just want him back safe and sound :)