Saturday, September 23, 2006

Genetic disorder

I am convinced that I have a genetic disorder. It is not a lethal disease (thank goodness!) unless lethality is defined by how much money my checking account loses over the course of the disorder. My disorder involves my inability to just allow a house to be a house. Oh no! It can be a better house if I just put a *little* time and money into it.

The inside of my house is about 2 short hours away from being complete. Well, almost (see how the disorder rapidly sneaks up on you???). The tile guy is here trying to finish, knowing that I am leaving on Monday for a conference. I've been tiling for 3 weeks. Well, not me personally, but the tile dudes. It wasn't his fault it took so long - he had surgery and it got infected, so he needed to take time off and really couldn't work. It happens. However, it always seems to happen to me. *sigh*

So, he has to do some clean up, reset the toilets (or *loos* as he would call them - he's British and I probably spelled that wrong anyways) - which are kind of important. Everything looks fantastic tho - I really can't complain about the quality of his work - his guys done good.

I'm itching to take a shower - I didn't have time before they got here this AM. I hate that.

I'm also lonely. Didn't want that in the title of the post. I probably did something idiotic last night, but it's too late to take it back now. And, no, I didn't call Jim the ex-asshole. Or Lee the ex-husband asshole. Maybe I'll blog it later.

I did do something *nice* for my ex-husband. I talked with several friends first before I did it though - I'm not completely stupid. I was going thru pictures when I started unpacking my office and found a few pictures of him from high school and college - not totally unsurprising, but there was no need for me to hang on to them. And, I didn't feel right throwing them out - some were of Christmas and graduation - and I was usually the one who took those pictures - his mom never did take pics at Christmas. I don't know why. So, I mailed them to him. I did not put my return address on it. Obviously, they will be stamped from a Post Office here in GA, but he would still have no idea where I am. No, not trying to reconnect or anything incredibly stupid like that, just trying to do the right thing. Also, it felt good to "purge" and not be a bitch about it. Of course, he wouldn't know I was being a bitch, but I would know and it would bug me and I'd feel guilty. So, to avoid those totally pointless feelings, I mailed them. I felt better the minute they were gone :)

I cannot wait until this is done. Again, the *inside* will be complete. The landscaping is a whole new monster all it's own that I will be starting in on as soon as I get back from the conference.

I also need to find the hiking trails - mental note here for me to do that.

I still haven't found a good nursery for plants.

I'm loving the weather up here. Pretty much all this week I had my windows open and the temps were in the 70s, no humidity and a breeze. It actually dipped into the upper 40s one night! Of course, I had my windows open all night for that - felt INCREDIBLE to have the house so cold in the AM - we might have gotten that cold in Dec. in Florida - and it's only Sept up here!!!! LOVING IT!!!