Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's been awhile....

Things have been crazy busy this past year - visits to family, officially moved in together, sold my house, now we are renovating our house, and we got a new puppy. Holy crap ....just typing it all is exhausting!
We haven't had many hiccups - only one really with a friend of his who has decided she doesn't like me. She blew up over something incredibly stupid, and also dropped a bomb on me KNOWING it was something D had not told me about to cause a problem between us. At this point, he's not even really speaking to this friend (who happens to be a woman) and I can tell by the stress in his voice that he doesn't want to discuss it. I think it's a case of "I don't want him, but don't want anyone else to have him" - as they've been friends for a long time, and now she has competition. I have a friend who is a psychologist who is agreeing with me on this one -and she doesn't know any of them other than me.
We've discussed getting married - my friend R just got engaged and I'm VERY happy for her :) Just wish we could do all the fun stuff together - dress shopping, planning, ring shopping, etc. We've discussed where would do the ceremony and reception. The original idea he wanted was a destination wedding in the islands - which this "friend" would be with us - and then have everyone stay for a week to celebrate. Finally, do a reception here in town for anyone who couldn't attend. I'm not really on board with that - the main reason being I don't think my dad or best friend in Florida could afford the trip - even for the weekend. So, we've discussed other options - we both want to get married on the beach, or at least near it. I would like to get married in the spring when it's still *relatively* cool. April would be ideal to coincide with my spring break - but I don't think it's going to happen :P
On another note, I'm going to start writing a book. It's something I've been thinking about for a long time - actully since I was a kid! So, I think it's time. After we get the basement done so I can get my office back up and running, I will start making time for it. I actually have several ideas kicking around for 3 different books! Possibly a 4th....oh my! This is my over-ambitious self kicking in - one thing at a time. First - get the basement and dining room renovated - then I can start writing. We will do the remodel of the master bath in the winter since D can't really work due to the weather.
So, life in a nutshell - busy and living it to the fullest! I wish we hadn't had the issues with his friend - but it is what it is at this point. I'm still here. My opinion - she waited too long to pull this crap. If she had done this three months into our dating, I think he would have listened to her and dumped me. But, she's now accused me of so many things that he knows are absolutely not true because he KNOWS me and my personality. I mean she has pulled out ALL the stops - that I lie, I'm a drama queen, I'm insecure, I'm paranoid, I'm jealous - the list goes on. My behaviour towards her and his friendship with her is the exact opposite of all the things she has accused me of - and D knows I don't lie. I really cannot do it - I can't keep a straight face - never have been able to - I'm "the responsible one" that everyone relies on to do the right thing. So - it has backfired on her. Oh - and she basically told him she won't even come to the house if I'm here. Hmmmmm....guess what...this is MY HOME now - I live here and I'm not leaving just because she wants to come over and visit. I don't have a problem with her - so, in my opinion, she needs to get over it. Take about a drama queen! LOL Wish I would have been able to take a video of all the crap she has pulled and said - I don't think anyone would believe me otherwise!