Monday, May 30, 2005

Okay, I couldn't resist - but this will be the last one. This was Lab Fest at my friend Ade's house. We had 11 labs and a beagle. If you notice, mine is the only black one (red collar) and he LOVES blondes. He is preparing to jump poor Wrigley (again). My dog thinks he's an alpha sometimes - he's not, but he tries his best. The other dark lab in the pic is actually a chocolate (brown) - but she was covered in mud! Posted by Hello

Now that I've discovered how to put pics on my blog, I might go a little overboard. This is my very large, 13+ pound cat - Jasmine. And no, it's NOT all fur - there is a LOT of fat under the fur as well. She is gorgeous (to me), but I would not recommend petting her - she doesn't like anyone but me and somedays, that's debatable! Posted by Hello

VOILA!!! It's done. It only took an hour :) and only 2 calls to dad and minimal cussing. It's heavy beyond belief though! Please ignore the extra wood from my fence in the background. I still have to clean out my garage to put the extra wood in it - ugh..... Posted by Hello

Here is the hammock, in the house with the dog in it to give you some idea of scale. Of course, it would probably help if you knew the size of my dog - he's medium sized - I have to bend down to pet him if I'm standing up and I'm about 5'9" Posted by Hello

Then, there were arms to hold my beloved hammock.... Posted by Hello

Then, there were legs and a base - which had to be adjusted later b/c the d*** directions didn't tell me which hole (there were four) to put the nut in. Fortunately, I've learned that you never, ever tighten ANYTHING until you are absolutely sure it all fits together.... Posted by Hello

In the beginning, there was wood, wrenches, bolts with no hex nuts only cap nuts, washers and hooks...... Posted by Hello

Hammock complete :)

Okay, see pics above for the sequence of events involved in putting the hammock together. Unfortunately, I just discovered how to post pics online - oh boy! You have been warned!!

Happy Memorial Day!

I'm not the most patriotic person in the country - even when Sept. 11th happened - I watched it on TV with my students, astounded, but didn't really feel much. Probably had to do with the fact that I was on Zoloft (anti-depressent) at the time due to my impending divorce. So, that whole time period, as much as it affected the entire nation, didn't have much effect on me personally. However, my brother is in the army - and has been for the past 18.5 years. He has about 15 months until he retires with 20 years and full benefits. That part always scares me. He's 82nd airborne - usually the first in and the last out - at least for the first gulf war that was the case. So, for all the veterans out there, past - present - future, I may not be very patriotic, but I'm glad that they are there to protect us. What's sad is that we still need protection from psychotic terrorist idiots who don't give a rat's ass about themselves because they will be rewarded for dying for Allah - what a load of shit. I've never read the Koran, but I can't imagine it saying "Sacrifice yourself and you will be rewarded" - I don't think any God (and I recognize that everyone worships differently - no, I'm not a heathen) would tell there followers to kill themselves - then they would have no followers and would no longer exist. Wow, I am quite philosophical this morning aren't I?? But, it is still sad that we are involved in a war overseas for many people who don't want us there. Both in this country and in their own country. My dad is a veteran too - Navy. My other brother wanted to go into the Navy, and then found out (for the first time in his life) that he was colorblind at 23. Imagine that - he never knew. It's a little difficult to be a Navy pilot when you cannot distinguish blue from green - hmmmm.... sorry bro!

At any rate, I know many of the troops who should be celebrating today are not - they are actually working. I don't know if my brother is or not. At the moment, he's stationed in the States, and they currently have no plans to send him anywhere. I hope.

As for me today, no BBQs, no beach. I have to get some stuff done around the house. I recently got my hammock from Pottery Barn and I need to put that together. It's HUGE. It could easily hold two people - oh, wait, I live alone ;) So it will only be used by me. My friends thought I was nuts to spend so much on this. But, my dad, ironically, did not. I called when I saw it was on sale, hoping he would talk me out of it. My dad knows that I hate to spend money. This is a holdover from my marriage (a blog for another time). So, he says "Go for it! You deserve it! Life isn't about all work and saving money that you spend a little at a time - buy it!". So, literally FIVE MINUTES LATER, I have purchased a hammock that is on it's way to me from California. I don't think I've ever spent almost $400 so fast in my life. But, it's pretty cool looking. The hammock part isn't expensive, it's the stand. It's made out of teak wood, so it should hold up pretty well for a long time as long as I keep it oiled. Which dad reminded me about that on the phone. I love my dad. That is also a blog for another time.

So, I think I will go put that together with my dog outside. Then, come in and finish homework and cleaning of my house once it gets hot outside. Oh, I should probably mention that I am "handicap" when it comes to assembling things. I actually asked my dad (begged was more like it) to drive down and do it for me. Keep in mind - to save $20 from Home Depot, I bought a wheelbarrow that I put together myself. I thought "Why should I pay them $20? It has instructions." TWO HOURS and a whole lot of cussing later, it was put together. I called my dad a couple of times during the two hours and cussed a little and asked if there was an easier way to do it, plus the directions sucked a** and one whole step was missing. My dad was laughing hysterically, so I stopped calling him at the point. So, off I go to put together a very expensive hammock stand that I am praying I don't screw up! Hmmmm.....I might check in a few hours later if the experience was a bad one. Or, I will be in jail for disrupting the peace in my neighborhood with the cussing I may be doing. Well, I can always claim Turret's syndrome.....

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Georgia on my mind

I am thinking about moving again. No particular reason for it today. It's been in the back of my mind for about the last four years (since my divorce). There are many reasons to move to GA and to not move. Here's the reasons for going:
1) My dad and my stepmom are there. I miss my dad a lot. I've never had a good relationship with him until I was in my 20s, and he's not getting any younger. I have no family whatsoever here in Orlando - my closest family is in Vero Beach (hometown) - but there's no way I would ever go back there to live. It's too small and there aren't job opportunities there for what I want to do after next year (instructional design).
2) There are numerous job opportunities in instructional design in Georgia - around the Atlanta area.
3) I love Atlanta - there's always something to do. Although, I would want to live on the outskirts. Yes, communting in for work would suck, but I don't want to live in the city. It's maybe 30-45 min in from where my dad lives depending on traffic.
4) I hate the heat down here. Anything you want to do - you have to do it in the early AM or it's just too damn hot to be outside. Especially right now - ugh.
5) UGA and GSU both have Ph.D. programs in instructional design, so I could still pursue my doctorate if I wanted to.
6) I like the seasons in GA better - they actually GET them. AND it snows :) Not the huge monstrous blizzards, but it gets cold up there.

Reasons not to go:
1) I'd have to move - AGAIN. I've moved, on average, every 15-18 months since I've lived in Orlando (almost 15 years). I've now been in my house longer than any place I've lived since I moved from Vero in 1990. I hate moving - a lot.
2) My friends are here. But, I have 6 stepsisters and numerous stepnephews & stepnieces to keep me company in GA.
3) I'm comfortable here. I know the town, I know where to go, what to do, etc. It's convenient for my brother and sister-in-law to visit me - although they really don't visit that often.
4) I've put a lot of work/effort into the house and the thought of having to start all over again is somewhat depressing. I guess this could go under #3 as being comfortable. But, it's just a house.
5) My friend R is telling me not to go. That she's happy not being near her parents and she doesn't have family here and she's fine with it. Well, that's great for her, but her parents are moving up here in a year and she knows it. I would never ask my dad to move back to FL - especially with all the stepkids and grandkids up there.

So, the debate remains. Leave in a year or two, once I have both degrees done and possibly some experience in the field, or wait it out another 5 or so. My dad's getting older, I'm thinking I may need to leave sooner than that. I want to be there to help out around the house, support my stepmom, and spend more time with him. We talk at least twice a week, but it's just not the same for me. I miss him - a lot. Hopefully, with the job I just took, I'll be able to visit more often, so we'll see if that helps me make a decision or not. Suggestions from the crowd??

Saturday, May 28, 2005

A very lazy day

I've had an incredibly lazy day. Here's how I spent it:
I went for a walk this morning with Jedi. I couldn't go very far - I twisted my knee Thursday somehow and it was giving me serious issues this AM about 1 mile in - so we only did 2 - we normally do 4 on the weekends.
Then, my friend R called and she needed some stuff from Home Depot that wouldn't fit into her car. So, I helped her out with that for about 2 hours. That was the "busiest" part of my day - moving bags of rock and mulch around - loading and unloading the car basically.
I came home - got lunch, then proceeded to continue reading a book on the back porch. Another friend called and we chatted a bit, then his winery opened so he abandoned me in favor of a glass of wine at 10 in the morning (he's in California at the moment) ....sniff..... So, I came back inside off my porch since it was heating up - and read some more.
Around 2 PM, I took a nap. Yes, I typed that correctly - I took a nap. Felt incredible - slept for about an hour and didn't want to get up. Then, realized how smelly I was from my AM exertions - took a shower. I guess I will actually have to do something tonight and change the sheets off the bed.
I went over to the chocolate shop where one of my former students works, after my shower. We chatted for about 45 minutes, then I went to the grocery store to get viddles. Came home, got the essential stuff put away, made dinner, watched a little bit of a movie, then decided it was cool enough that Jedi and I could go outside and enjoy the sunset for a bit - and I read some more. I have one chapter left that I am saving for right before I go to bed tonight to relax me. I read almost the entire book in a single day - Anne McCaffrey's "Dragonseye" - not unusual for me to do something like that - especially since I am officially in "summer" mode. This is when I catch up on my reading.
Speaking of reading - I am going to Pennsylvania soon, and I will be close enough to take day trips on weekends into Philadelphia and Washington D.C. I've not been to either one in over 10 years, so I need to pick up some good guides on them if anyone out there thinks that are worthwhile. Yes, I know I can find everything I could probably need to know off the web, but, I like to read - outside, on my porch - and not be tied to my computer all the time. So, suggestions on good guidebooks that anyone has used in the past? I especially want to find a metro station outside of D.C. where I can park my car (safely) and ride the metro in to D.C. - that really is the most convenient way to get around the city and it's not too expensive. I definitely want to visit some of the national monuments, the National Archives, and a couple of the museums - especially the Art museum - it was closed when I went just a couple of years ago with a friend - but we only had 2 hours so I don't count that as a "visit". I really want to go back to Chinatown for lunch at a Dim Sum place - so recommendations here would also be welcome.
As for Philly - I want to see the major sites and stay out of the bad sections of town - I know they exist up there. I'll probably have to grab a road map once I get to PA. So much to do - so little time.....sigh......

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Can I just have the Captain please??

I decided to get back on tonight and rationalize what I'm about to do....
First, I had a great afternoon for the first time in a long time - I played hooky after classes today (we had a half day) and played by the pool with my friend who has a timeshare for the week. BLISS!! She got us a round of drinks - and it was called (I'm not joking): Banging the Captain three ways on a comforter - I could have done without the drink and just had the captain at this point.... but here's the reason why not:
I've decided to forego the dating thing for a while - probably at least a year. The whole cancer scare once again has pretty much screwed me up - physically, mentally and emotionally. I can't keep doing this every 18 months, and I'm going to need at least a year of clean tests (this type of cancer is caused by a virus) before I even consider adding the stress of a relationship to my life. Apparently, most women who get this virus "burn it out" and are never affected by it. Well, apparently my immune system is in the toilet - and not due to HIV - but due to stress and my life right now.
I am taking some proactive steps however - and here they are:
1) Getting my a** to the gym - that starts Saturday at 6 AM - why not tomorrow? B/C I have to freaking be at work by 7 AM and there's no way to do it.
2) I am cutting down to one job as of Tuesday, May 31st. I've been working 2 jobs for four years now - it's taking it's toll on me - as shown by this damn virus that won't go away.
3) Yoga - as much as possible, as often as possible to relax.
4) Vacations - I'm going to start taking them.
5) Immune system testing - I go in to get the script/order tomorrow. Apparently, there is a test they can run on your white blood cells to see what types of vitamins you are deficient in. In doing so, they can recommend a diet or vitamins that are supposed to help your white blood cells work better - which is exactly what I need. My doctor thinks the insurance covers the test - I really don't care if it does or doesn't at this point - I need to have this done.
6) Focus on me and not add stress - I will be finishing up one Master's this December, and the second next summer - that gives me about a year to get my life back together and focus on what I need to do to stay healthy and work towards my goals without the stress of a relationship.

I don't think any of these are impossible right now. I will kind of miss having a male to hang out with and connect with, but I've done without before. Plus, I haven't really been meeting anyone worth writing home about anyways, so I think someone's trying to tell me something right about now. It's not time for me to have a relationship - it will come in time, but now is not the right time.

Posting just for the hell of it

I had to post something - haven't done much in a while. I have no idea if these actually came from the Washington post - but I got them in an email today and I think they are a hoot - plus, I needed a smile today.....

Once again, The Washington Post has published the winning submissions to its yearly contest, in which readers are asked to supply alternate meanings for common words.
1. Coffee (n.), the person upon whom one coughs.
2. Flabbergasted (adj.), appalled over how much weight you have gained.
3. Abdicate (v.), to give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.
4. Esplanade (v.), to attempt an explanation while drunk.
5. Willy-nilly (adj.), impotent.
6. Negligent (adj.), describes a condition in which you absentmindedly answer the door in your nightgown.
7. Lymph (v.), to walk with a lisp.
8. Gargoyle (n.), olive-flavored mouthwash.
9. Flatulence (n.) emergency vehicle that picks you up after you are run over by a steamroller.
10. Balderdash (n.), a rapidly receding hairline.
11. Testicle (n.), a humorous question on an exam.
12. Rectitude (n.), the formal, dignified demeanor adopted by proctologists.
13. Pokemon (n), a Rastafarian proctologist.
14. Oyster (n.), a person who sprinkles his conversation with Yiddishisms.
15. Frisbeetarianism (n.), The belief that, when you die, your soul flies up onto the roof and gets stuck there.
16. Circumvent (n.), an opening in the front of boxer shorts worn by Jewish men.

Monday, May 16, 2005


I debated this afternoon about blogging this. I'm not sure if it's going to help me feel better or not. I may just type this, wait a couple of days for reality to really sink in, then delete it. I should also mention that the A/C is out in my house and it's about 89 in here right now, so my fried brain may come back later and say this was pretty dumb to do - we'll see....
I had a complete and total breakdown at work today. In fact, just thinking about this is causing me to get upset now, so maybe writing isn't the most theraputic thing for me at the moment. I got some really bad news from the doctor today. Suffice it to say I have to go back in for testing, which is pretty redundant at this point, and the end result will possibly be one of the following or both:
1) I am never going to be able to have children b/c I won't be able to carry to term and/or
2) I may have to have a hysterectomy (worst case scenario)

So, pretty much either one of those options is going to suck. My friends are being very supportive - since I spent the better part of an hour crying on my surrogate mom's shoulder today, it's helped some. Another friend picked me up and we went to lunch - she's also driving me to the doctor on Wednesday. I am probably going to have surgery again - now the fun part - my insurance will end on June 30th. I leave for an out of town job on June 21st. They only do the surgery on Fridays. So, it gives me just about 2-3 weeks to have the procedure done, and if something extreme happens while I am out of town teaching, I'm screwed with no insurance. If I wait to have surgery, I won't have coverage until Oct. 1 and there's no guarantee they will cover the procedure since it will be deemed a "pre-existing condition". Since I've already done this once, I already know that without insurance, the surgery is upwards of $3000.

I'm not sure I'm strong enough to do this again. I've done it once and was pretty much assured at that point that things would go back to normal, and now this. I'm afraid my dad is going to call and know something is wrong and I'm going to have to tell him - I can't do it again. It was hard enough the first time, I can't do it. I used to think I was pretty strong - now I'm not so sure (my hands are shaking - please forgive spelling errors). I don't want to worry him and having to tell him that I can't have children is going to be the worst thing besides telling him I was getting a divorce. Now, of course, this can all be traced back to my ex-husband and it is actually his fault. I can't even smack him, yell, scream at him - nothing. I really don't think I can do this. I don't want surgery again, I don't want to have anything else removed from my body. I know if I don't, it could eventually kill me and I don't want that either. What really doesn't make sense is I've checked out 3 times in the last year and nothing was found - why now? Why did it get missed before? I feel defective - I'm tired of being sick, I'm tired of missing work (I have to take a day off this week and it's the last full week of classes - the sub coordinator was not a happy camper), I'm just tired of this. Everything goes along good and - WHAM! - I hit the brick wall and life stops. I'm really tired of getting slammed up against this damn wall. I'm tired, I hurt, I'm angry, I'm depressed, I'm upset - pick anything and I'm probably it right now, except strong.

Saturday, May 14, 2005


Okay, I have to vent this b/c it just grossed me out. I went to a training thing today for my new job. Basically, a room full of strangers from all over FL. So, I'm sitting next to this woman - who is MARRIED - and she keeps touching me!! YUCK!! Double YUCK!! And it's not that I am "touchphobic" either - I am very affectionate with PEOPLE I KNOW but NOT total strangers. She stroked (not lying) my arm several times, touched my knee, my back several times, my shoulders - OMG!!!! If she were a man, I would have said he was flirting with me - but a woman - OMG!!!
Okay - I need to go take a shower - I just feel gross. :-P

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Apparently, I am a "petulant spoiled brat"

I really can't even blog about this right now, I am so mad. However, those of you out there should read this opinion ( and I use that word loosely) article that appeared in the local newspaper yesterday.
I have since cancelled my subscription, emailed both the editor and her boss, and have emailed everyone local I know to also cancel their subscriptions in support of teachers. Many teachers at my school are doing the same thing as well.
Tell me what you think - am I really a "petulant spoiled brat" - if I am - what makes me one?

Background for this:
Our school board is considering lengthening the schoolday and had a "work" session to discuss this matter with the public and with teachers. Teachers apparently did show up to impress upon the school board how much time we already spend outside of class grading and preparing for the day. Our "normal" hours are: 7:30 AM - 3 PM, and we have about 45 minutes after kids leave to do work at school. So, if they lengthen the day, we will have 5 minutes of planning time before school to prep for our classes, and no after school time to do any work. Anything after 3 PM is unpaid - we are not even given comp time for use later as vacation. If we did - the school board would be bankrupt and have more subs in classrooms than teachers. Oh - and they won't pay us any more for the increase in the amount of contact time with students.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Feast or famine

Well, it always seems like a feast or famine. I should first state that I am blogging to avoid going outside in the heat and working in my yard. I love to work in my yard - but it's just too bloody hot out right now to do that. So, I am killing time until it cools off a bit. Plus, my backyard faces west and it's just brutal in the back right now, which is of course where I need to do my work :-P

So, I've been emailing back and forth with this guy - J. We seem to have some stuff in common and he sent me his number and asked me to call tonight. He has two kids and is about my age (early 30s) or so. He's not quite as tall as I normally like guys to be, but since I am apparently shrinking (according to my doctor) than I guess it's alright. I might call him just to see what he sounds like. Hmmm... decisions, decisions.

Okay, so problem #2. I guy I used to date about a year ago called last night and we chatted for about an hour. We had decided that we were better as friends, and we sometimes do things together, but mostly we just talk on the phone about once a week. Well, he wants to introduce me to one of his friends. According to C, his friend - K - and I are "a perfect match". C does know me pretty well, so I'm kind of nervous. I've never been "set up" before. I think K already has my number, since C kept asking me last night if I would be home and if I would be busy tonight. So, I may get a call from him.

As for construction guru ....sigh..... - still no word - written or verbal. Yeah, I think that he was placating me big time. Whatever - the only thing that is frustrating is that if you're not interested in someone, don't display signals that you are. Ugh - hated. And men say WOMEN are complicated - yeah, okay, whatever. What's up with you all throwing the wrong signs around? Women may be subtle when we say "interested" - but hell, it's incredibly easy to tell if we're not!

So, dilemma - call J and hope K doesn't call and break into the conversation. Or, just say "screw it" and do my work tonight and not even worry about the phone. I'll probably do the latter - I've got a ton to do tonight anyways.

Well, I suppose I need to change clothes and go out into the sauna to work in my yard. I just wish it weren't so damn hot already!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Heaven is sometimes spelled M - A - S - S - A - G - E

There needs to be a warning sign posted at the spa I go to for massages:
"Warning: Driving may be hazardous after massage therapy. Also, you will be useless for the rest of the day"
Yes - that was me yesterday. I don't really remember driving home, and when I got home, I ate lunch, took the dog out and collapsed in my bed and slept for a solid 2 hours - I was that relaxed. Next time, I need to remember to NOT book a morning appointment! lol My therapist is wonderful. She does lots of deep tissue and pressure point work on me - especially my lower back, which is always screwed up and where most of my tension/stress accumulates. I did the whole body - 80 min - again this time. I usually only get 2 a year - right as school is ending, and right before we start. Sometimes I do one mid year if I can swing it. If you've never had a professional massage, I highly recommend them. I also found out that she does a 25 min neck/back/shoulders only massage and it's only $35 - I am sssssssoooooooo going to start doing those more often - especially since I will be working at my computer more often in the coming year. I think it might actually be better to get shorter massages more often, then getting the longer one only a couple of times per year. My only other option for relaxation is to take another cruise :) I know I will be, but I don't think I can do it until March next year due to heavy grad school schedule - ugh. I am hoping I can do one over my spring break next year - that would be ideal! Then, I can get a massage again before I go to make sure that I am totally relaxed for my vacation! lol

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hurricane babies

Okay - something that I've been meaning to blog about since last Friday. My friend just had a baby two weeks ago - he's really cute. But, she said that they sent her home pretty much the same day (even though she was induced). He ended up with severe jaundice, and rather than admit her and the baby back into the hospital, they brought the tanning booth (aka photolamp bed) to her house to use. Why? THERE WAS NO ROOM FOR WOMEN AND BABIES! Yes, the hospital was PACKED. Why? - Hurricane babies. Nine months ago was our first storm - so, you have no power, you can't drive or go to work, and you're bored. What does everyone do? (except me of course...) HAVE SEX - and make babies. The next storm was about 2-3 weeks later and the final storm was 2 weeks after that. Wow - the hospitals are going to be up to their eyeballs in babies. Hopefully, for other reasons rather than baby-making, we won't have another storm season like we did. But, in about 6 years, we're going to need a TON more elementary schools - LOL!

Hearing aids and I think I'm an idiot......... :-P

Okay, this will be a two part post - first part is on hearing aids (read on for a good laugh) that I've had in my head since this morning. Second part will be something that (dc and dragon - opinions please!) I did this afternoon that was perhaps a little bit stupid - or a lot bit embarassing/desperate depending on how you view it.

Hearing aids - I'm investing in stock soon. Bell-tone, Nu-tone - whatever these companies are, if they have stock, I'm going to invest. Here's why: I work with teenagers. As one was walking in the door to my room this morning, with his headphones plugged into his MP3 players (and these headphones are the kind that sit in the ear, not over it) I could hear his music as clearly as I can hear my stereo now one room away - it was THAT LOUD. So, I figure that if he (and all others of his generation) continue to listen to this acid rock that is incredibly damaging to the hearing, and continues to use earphones in his ear, that by the time he is 25-30 (10-15 years) he, and a whole bunch more of this generation, are going to require hearing aids just to function on a daily basis. So, I think that this would be the smartest investment I could make. Does that tell you how I feel about teenagers and what they listen to and how they listen to it? I should thank them really - I'm going to make a fortune off of them! lol

Okay - now for the idiot part. So, last August, pre-three-hurricanes, I was talking to this guy at my school. No, he doesn't work for the school - he is doing construction and he is the head construction guru. So, we seemed to be hitting it off on the few times we would talk. I was encouraged - especially when he would alter his route when he saw me in the main plaza to come talk to me for a few minutes. So, after much debate and conversations w/girlfriends, I asked him out (which I have NEVER asked a guy out before!) - for a cup of coffee - nothing serious. He said "Sure" and I wasn't really expecting that to come out of his mouth. Long story short - he said he would come by my classroom and we could figure it out. So, it's now May and we haven't gotten coffee. Well, guess who I run into today after school? Cute construction guru. I'm walking out to my car and he is parked there too. He did talk to me first, which I took as a good sign. I mentioned that we never had a chance to get that cup of coffee and he said he had been busy and the second foreman was moved, so he was doing the whole job by himself. We chatted a few minutes, then I gave him my email. Idiot me should have put my phone number on there as well, but that's a done deal now. So, is this a case of "at first you don't succeed, try, try again" or was this me being incredibly stupid/embarassing and/or desperate? I really like talking to him, I can tell there is intelligence there and he's way cute. I know he's a lot older than I am, but he doesn't really look it. I found out that he was married, is now divorced and has kids, but I don't know how old. I don't think they live with him - which means a weekend dad kind of thing and I'm sure that keeps him busy too. So, what do you all think? Idiot? Desperate? He was being honest about work and he is still interested? I'm not looking for marriage here - just testing the waters to see what's out there. Did I mention he's really cute? Strawberry-blond hair and brillant blue eyes. I don't normally go for blonds - and he is more red than blond, but WOW - his eyes just draw me in every time we talk. Oh well, I'm betting that I won't hear from him at all. Just a wild guess. He's done with the job in 5 weeks, I'm out of school in a little under 4, and I will probably never see him again. So, all just a pipe dream......sigh.......

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Virus people suck

Okay, so Monday I open an email from an online student with a zip file - nothing unusual since sometimes their files are too large and they send them via email. I went into auto pilot mode and opened it - didn't read the email. And, lo and behold - I get a worm - the newest worm out there apparently.
The people that sit around and dream this shit up are a bunch of assholes. I don't care if they are computer geniuses - they suck. I did absolutely NOTHING to bother them or make their lives miserable, but they seem intent on doing this to others for no apparent reason. This particular worm attacks my antivirus software - which went away. It took me 2 hours and 21 minutes on the phone with symantec to get it somewhat fixed - I still have to uninstall and reinstall one more time and haven't had a chance to do that yet this week.
I'll say it again - and I hope one of you reads this - you people suck. Go do something productive with your lives instead of sitting in front of your computer dreaming up these damn things to piss people off - do you realize it just perpetuates how much money these big companies make? If you weren't making the virus, symantec, mcafee and microsoft would not be making the big bucks. You people suck - have I said that enough times yet? Plus - symantec apparently only hires people from India - since everyone I spoke to had an accent that I could barely decipher on the phone. You people suck - and I loosely include symantec in that statement. It took me 20 minutes just to make them understand what my exact problem was - and I had to explain it to three different people b/c no one knew how to fix this damn thing. You people suck. You are a bunch of losers who will never know what kind of personal satisfaction it brings to actually help someone instead of trying to hurt nameless people that you do not know. I work part-time online - I must have a functioning computer for my job. You people suck. You were obviously not brought up with any kind of morals, values, principles or manners.
And to end this: what goes around comes around. One day, you will regret your actions only b/c they will backfire on you, and then you will understand that it's not about personal gratification or proving that you are the best at something - what matters is something that is deeper and more gratifying than satisfying your personal needs. Someday, you will understand what that is, and it will be too late and you will see how your actions now will turn around and bite you in the ass in the future, and then it will be too late for you.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


There is light at the end of the tunnel - I have 20 more days of hell - aka school - and we are DONE! Actually, I'm taking more than a few days off (gotta use the time up!), so it's more like 18 or 16 more days that I actually have to get my a** out of bed early to get to work. Yes, it's now officially called "work". I enjoy my advanced kids that I teach, but I will not shed a single tear to see my regular kids leave. I had one call me a bitch, to my face, in class. Yeah, he's been a pain in my ass all year. It took everything I had to NOT jump up and down and scream for joy at the top of my lungs when I signed his withdrawal paperwork earlier this week - I'm just a touch happy that he is gone! lol
I actually have to work a full five day week this week. But, next week I'm taking Monday off, and I think I'll take Friday off too - why not? If the weather's nice - I may hit the beach, or do something productive around the house, or work in my yard. The options are ENDLESS when you have a day off :-D
That's it - the official countdown has begun. I've never, in 10 years of teaching, been so happy to have a school year end. This, by far, was my worst year on record for dealing with crap and rotten kids. Hence, the two master's degrees so I can eventually move OUT of working directly with students and possibly work more with adults in education instead :)