Saturday, August 05, 2006

Stick a fork in me!

Grad school is OFFICIALLY complete. I turned in my last assignments this week, and I should get my final grade on the 9th. No. more. school. for. me.

I'm still getting settled in my new house :) I did FINALLY get the carpet down, and *most* of my furniture has arrived. I'm still waiting on a few things, but I do finally have a couch and love seat (full sized couch - haven't had one of those in MANY years) to lay on/sit on to watch movies - yea me!

This week was not so great - it was an up and down week. I got sick on Tuesday AM, threw my back out on Wednesday, then broke my little toe on Friday evening. I still mowed the grass today though - it was looking pretty rough!

I also chopped my hair and got rid of the blonde - I'm almost my *natural* hair color. It's close enough for the moment. It's pretty dark, but once I wash it (have to wait until tomorrow night) the color should lessen in intensity for the most part.

This was the brief update on my life this week ;)